Monday 19th June – Wednesday 21st June, LONDON

The AI Innovation Exchange
& Annual Awards

The IMPACT of AI on Industry, Government & Society


Award Applications close 5.00pm GMT, 5th May 2017

Featured Speakers

Our speakers are some of the world’s thought leaders in Artificial Intelligence.


Chief Data Architect, Uber


Author of “The Economic Singularity“ & “Surviving AI“


Kenneth Cukier, co-author of NYT Bestseller “Big Data” and Senior Editor at The Economist


Director of Data Science, Facebook

van Someren

Managing Partner (Early Stage Funds), Amadeus Capital
Co-founder, CyLon Lab
Co-founder, nCipher

“The accelerator pedal is foot to the floor, but it’s not clear who’s got their hands on the wheel or in fact where we’re all going. CogX is bringing together incredible thought leaders from around the world to exchange views on the impact of AI across 18 industries and domains with an innovative format of keynotes, panels and breakout sessions. Each session will update us on the current status, identify the challenges and propose initiatives which will move the conversation forward”. Charlie Muirhead, Founder & CEO of CognitionX

Format & Agenda

Moving the conversation forward

The emerging world of AI is expected to create incredible opportunities and cause unprecedented disruption across all industries. Healthcare, financial services, education, the future of work and more will be shaped by the proliferation of AI. However, market complexity and fragmentation coupled with the incredible pace of change (1,500 new companies in 2016 alone) brings about great challenges; how should we navigate this complex landscape?

The AI Innovation Exchange and Annual Awards is bringing together thought leaders across more than 20 industries and domains to address the pressing issues and move the conversation forward. In a combination of keynotes, expert panels and results-driven workshops we will agree the open issues and publish papers from the breakout sessions’ findings. An interactive trade expo will showcase the current state of art in the field, and at our gala dinner we will present 10 categories of awards celebrating innovation in AI. We hope that CogX will bring clarity to the marketplace, celebrate innovation and facilitate strategies for the future.

The whole event comprises of:

1/2 Day Exec AI Bootcamp, 2 Day Exchange across 18 topics, Awards dinner, AI Expo, Breakout sessions and working groups & VIP events.

Session Format

Keynote to set the scene

Two visionaries in the field

10 mins each with slides / demos

5 mins each questions

Panel of 6 dig into the big issues

45 min panel 6 people (including chair)

Chair frames the topic and questions. 4 new contributors give their point of view

Audience Q & A for 15 minutes

Breakout Session

60min workshop during the breaks

Each workshop will identify the big open questions and recommend a plan of action to move them forward

A short paper published after

Session Topics

Impact of AI on Industries

Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Fashion, Health, Education, Security, Transportation & Logistics, Entertainment, Government, Telecoms, Marketing & Adtech, Agriculture, Environment / Climate, Politics, Food & Agriculture

Key domains

Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, Security, Chatbots, Robotics, Sensors & IoT, Deep Learning, Open Source, Data Visualisation, Cloud Services, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Data Protection and Privacy (GDPR), NLP, Fraud Detection

Trade Expo: AI Innovation in one place

AI vendors will be showcasing their innovative products and solutions at our trade expo. The CognitionX team will be giving guided tours through the expo to ensure the right people and companies are connected.


The Awards

We’re celebrating the best and most innovative contributors to the fields AI, Data Science and Machine Learning with the first CogX A.I. Awards.

Our awards don’t just pick out winners, but recognise innovation across over 20 industry sectors and domains, and highlights the greatest contributions from entrepreneurs, government investors, thought leaders and research.

Follow the link to see all categories and make a submission or nominate a product, solution or individual.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s most important awards

Nominate or Apply for an Award

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Meet the


Our advisors are some of the world’s thought leaders in Artificial Intelligence.



Founder & Investor
Acorn Computers, Arm Holdings, Amadeus Capital



Founder, EDVenture



Director of Data Science, Facebook



Marconi prof. Cambridge & Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute



Head of Security, Deepmind



Journalist and Author
Head of Data, The Economist



Chairman of DLD & 4YFN



Vice Dean of UCL

Awards Dinner

The CogX Awards 2017: Celebrating Innovation in the A.I. Industry.
The Brewery, London EC1Y 4SD
20th June

350 leaders from industry, academia and government will gather at this outstanding and historic venue for a gala dinner and celebration of innovation in A.I.

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Apply to Speak at CogX

CogX is a platform for thought leaders in industry and academia to exchange ideas and move the conversation forward.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

CogX will bring together an audience of global thought leaders. We have a number of Gold, Silver & Bronze packages, exhibitor space, branding opportunities and VIP areas.

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Free Tickets

Free Tickets

There are a number of ways you can obtain a free ticket to attend the Innovation Exchange including speaking, being shortlisted for an award, volunteering at the event or referring friends.

If you are an expert on a topic and would like to speak, or know someone who is, please let us know at

If your award application is shortlisted, we’ll provide you with 2 complimentary tickets for CogX 2017. To apply for an award, see our awards page here.

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Volunteering at CogX

We can’t make this event happen without the generous help of volunteers. We are looking for volunteers to help us at every step of the way: front of house staff, ticket booth attendants, ushers, etc.

In exchange for your time and effort, we will provide you with free access to the Innovation Exchange (£1800 value), including the keynotes, panels, and breakout sessions. If you want to help out or want more information, contact

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