A platform for 100s of content partners and 1000s of thought leaders

John Kerry

68th Secretary of State
U.S. Government

Dame Vivienne Hunt

Managing Partner
McKinsey & Company

Mariana Mazzucato

Author & Professor
University College London (UCL)

Arlan Hamilton

Founder and Managing Partner
Backstage Capital

Tony Fadell

Future Shape Principal, iPod Inventor, iPhone Co-inventor,
Nest Founder

Tony Blair

U.K. Prime Minister

Audrey Tang

Digital Minister

Safiya Nobel

Author & Associate Professor

There’s a new world of work

The CogX Network supports the changing world of work by supporting connections inside and outside organisations offering them new ways to manage financial resources, strengthen bonds with existing clients, rapidly grow prospects and support internal team development.

Host events anytime, anywhere

The CogX Live Network platform is a full stack plug and play solution with no up front costs allowing you to host events both inside and outside your organisation. They can be either fully virtual, or as a hybrid of in-person and virtual experiences.

Move conversations forward

The CogX Live Network offers enhanced ways to learn, connect and move conversations forward. Premium members  have access to 100s of sessions, 1,000s of booths and members to network with. The CogX Live platform delivers highly personalised recommendations based on the profiles of each user.

CogX is the only organisation that has nailed running digital events – I have been to so many over the past 6 months, but this is the one I got the best learning and networking from
Tom Grogan, Head of MDRxTech - part of The Mischon de Reya Group
The decisions we make in the next 10 years will be absolutely crucial, not only for the long-term health of society and the global economy, but for our planet

CogX has proven itself a significant contributor in making this a reality as a platform that helps move the conversation forward with concrete actions.
- Cindy Rose, CEO of Microsoft UK
Joining the Virtual CogX platform has enabled Createch to present its biggest-ever programme and to demonstrate how technology and creative thinking can adapt business events and networking forums in the era of social distancing.
Mike Bartley, Head of Creative Industries, Department for International Trade
Now in its fourth year, Createch is ready to take centre stage alongside FinTech and HealthTech to demonstrate its credentials to the wider UK economy, and ensure the UK’s global leadership position.

The new all-digital format serves our interests in reaching a bigger, more international audience.
- Janet Hull, CIC Createch Organiser and Marketing Director at the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
London & Partners are excited to support Createch as part of Virtual CogX this year.

London is home to a number of pioneering companies in the Createch sector and the virtual platform this year is a great opportunity for these companies to connect with global audiences.
- Louise Conolly-Smith, Head of Creative at London & Partners
CogX 2019 was a huge success for HSBC as principal partner. We are proud to have helped bring such a broad AI conversation and the sustainable development goals to the forefront of London Tech Week.
- Andre Cronje CEO, HSBC GBM
We had 1,400 engaged people. A mix of all 3 of our target audiences. Everybody who was somebody in the AI world was there
- Ray Eitel-Porter, MD, Accenture
CogX is a marvellous feast of AI. It hums like few other conferences in the world.
- Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Dr. Jane Goodall

These economic developments are always, almost always in most countries put ahead of protection of the environment.

Shoshana Zuboff

Pandemic is, has been, and continues to be a stress test for our democracies.

Michelle Meagher

Let’s continue talking about corporate responsibility but let’s also talk about corporate power.

Jack Harries

We have learnt many things from this pandemic… It reminds us of our shared vulnerability and uncomfortable reality that we are not in control.

Joseph Stiglitz

Taxing bad things actually makes the economy perform better. If you tax pollution you can actually get a more efficient economy, and generate revenue.

Audrey Tang

When people think of social media people think of polarisation, but I just think of polarisation as anti-social media.

Abadesi Osunsade

Here is an incredible opportunity for change, no one has the answers, so we get to create those answers together

Samantha Power

To marry activism with politisization and with actually taking that leap of faith and investing in the political processes, that’s how changes happen.

CogX Live Network Features

The CogX Live Network is a platform for thought leaders and content partners to deliver live video sessions and build meaningful connections with their audience.

Frame 3481

Host Live Video Sessions

Broadcast quality live video with graphics and vision mixing for all mainstage events.

Frame 3482

Build Meaningful Relationships

Recommendations, meet the speakers sessions and expos allow you to meet people that matter to you most.

Frame 3483

Intelligent Recommendations

Connections based on your profile saving time and money to maximise productivity.

Frame 3480

Engaging Side Events

Host or attend focused 100 person working groups or breakout sessions.

Frame 3479

Global Leaders Network

A global community of 9,000+ Thought Leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Artists, Academics and Activists.

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Year Round Virtual Expos

Boost your brand visibility, generate new leads and make meaningful connections.

CogX Festival 2020

In response to Covid-19, CogX Festival moved fully virtual in June 2020.

The festival was the largest of its kind in the world covering 18 topics with 44,000 attendees, 1,211 speakers and 14,000 meeting requests over three days.

Want to be involved?

The CogX Live Network offers a variety of opportunities for content partners, brand partners, thought leaders, exhibitors and members to learn, connect and move conversations forward.


Standard membership is open to all and free of charge. You can access all public events covering 100s of sessions, 1,000s of booths and members to network with. Explore the membership option that’s right for you.


Hosting a Virtual Expo Booth is the perfect opportunity to meet and network with potential buyers, customers, and investors in a cost effective way. CogXtras are designed with you in mind so that you are building your brand, generating new leads and making meaningful connections.

Content Partners

The CogX Live Network offers a full stack plug and play platform to host broadcast quality private, public or brand-funded live events with no upfront cost. Join 100s of Content Partners and 1,000s of Thought Leaders creating live video sessions for our 100,000 member audience.

Brand Partners

The opportunity to co-curate broadcast quality live events on the editorial stage of the CogX Live Network provides a perfect way to demonstrate thought leadership. Through expo and side events you can drive a constant flow of leads to your team. Our AI driven networking features enables you and your teams to build meaningful connections all year round.