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The CogX Live Network brings together the world’s brightest minds to discuss the most pressing topics of our time. Streams are free, but members get full access to our content library, the chance to directly meet industry leaders, speak privately with keynote speakers and discover the hottest new tech startups in our virtual Expo. Save £295 and claim your free trial membership now.


Introducing CogX Live Network

The launch of CogX Live Network follows the success of the fully virtual CogX Festival in June 2020, which hosted 44,000 attendees, 1,211 speakers and 14,000 meeting requests over three days.CogX Live Network provides an enhanced way to learn, connect and move conversations forward.

The platform is open to all, with Premium members having enhanced access to 100s of sessions, 1,000s of booths and members to network with. The CogX Live platform delivers highly personalised recommendations based on the profiles of each user.It provides a full-service platform for anyone looking to convene private, public or brand-funded events. CogX Live will host thousands of virtual events for its partners every year.

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What's next for the NHS?

With health systems being stretched across the world due to the pandemic, a new discussion has begun to emerge around future resiliency. We want to know what we can do better to help support our local health systems and the people that work in them. More importantly, what can we do to strengthen infrastructure and prevent future crises weighing so heavily?

Watch the highlights from our CogXtra launch event.

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CogX Live is a network for hundreds of organisations and thousands of thought leaders to host live video sessions and build meaningful new relationships in the new world of work.

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