Apply for the CogX 2020 Awards

We are proud to be hosting the 4th Gala Dinner and Awards (Monday 8th June, 2020) held at Kings Cross bringing together 200+ senior execs from across the industry.

It’s the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with the most senior global leaders community and enjoy a glittering evening of entertainment with the opportunity to honour the companies and individuals who exhibited outstanding achievement in the awards categories.

Rated as one of the highlights of the CogX experience in 2019 by attendees, we are beyond confident this year is no exception.

Nominations close on 13th March, 2020
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This category highlights companies that are using Web 3.0 to expand the scale and scope of both human and machine interactions.

This award recognises a significant contribution to the expansion of human and machine interactions in the new and evolving Web 3.0 ecosystem. Pioneering the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in our everyday lives, this company is creating the future of life online with a strong sense of community values and a spirit of innovation.

A celebration of groundbreaking new blockchain technology, this award recognises the passion and effort a company has poured into its project. With a focus on efficiency, transparency and scalability, this solution will facilitate online connectivity and expand the potential of Web 3.0.

Cryptography is the hidden force behind the magic of AI and blockchain technologies. With this award we celebrate the companies that shape these solutions by developing blockchain languages. Incorporating efficiency, flexibility and variability to optimise their language, they are paving the way for important innovation throughout the field.

This award celebrates the successful adoption of blockchain technology in an enterprise. Building on already existing industry technology helps lead the way for other companies to embrace these solutions and drives more ambitious innovation. By recognising the risk-takers of today, we hope to inspire the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

This award celebrates the successful adoption of blockchain technology in a start-up or SME. Building on already existing industry technology inspires other small-scale companies to embrace these solutions and drives more ambitious innovation. By recognising the risk-takers of today, we hope to inspire the start-ups of tomorrow.

This award celebrates the successful adoption of blockchain technology in a charity or non-profits. Building on already existing industry technology inspires other organisations to embrace these solutions and drives more ambitious innovation. By recognising the risk-takers of today, we hope to inspire the non-profits of tomorrow.

There is no topic more fundamental to human existence than the future of health. Technology is radically transforming the sector, and the opportunities and challenges it affords are unquantifiable. This category highlights companies that are influencing digital health and finding new cures.

The crossover between health and tech is vast and exciting. With growing concerns about antimicrobial resistence, a growing (and ageing) population and new epidemics looming on the horizon, harnessing the potential of new innovation is vital. This award honours the work of a company that is leading the successful implementation of tech in health.

Finding solutions to our increasingly complex medical problems necessitates the leveraging of technological innovation. With this award, we want to recognize the company developing the best new tech solution emerging from the pharma industry.

The human genome still presents one of the biggest mysteries in medicine. To break down this molecular puzzle into pieces we can understand, we leverage the technological opportunities of our time. This award celebrates one such achievement and the potential for groundbreaking new knowledge it creates.

Improved diagnostic tools can help save lives and prevent the spread of diseases that previously might not have been known to us. We wish to recognize the implementation of tech diagnostics by a company that recognizes the importance of this field and works to harness its life-saving potential.

With the medical knowledge accessible to us today, the one-size-fits-all approach is no longer a viable option in preserving the health of our population. This tech-driven approach to personalised medicine helps us take control of our own wellbeing. Our award highlights the pioneering work of one such tech-driven company and the empowerment they are enabling.

As the capabilities of technology are increasing, so is its ability to provide emotional support. Harnessing the digital solutions of today to empower the sector of mental health is an intitiative we champion, and seek to recognise through this award.

Mobile technology has transformed nearly every facet of our lives. Keeping in touch with our own wellbeing can be achieved by applying this same principle to health. With this award, we aim to recognise an app that allows us to access and improve our wellbeing more easily than ever, thanks to a company’s transformational vision.

Identifying mental health conditions is the first step towards getting support. With their technology providing the much-needed tools to diagnose complex disorders, this prize celebrates a company that is revolutionising how we perceive and diagnose mental health.

Promising to automate a sweeping array of human activity, AI is poised to transform the workplace. This category recognises companies that are leading the changes in the workplace and within education in an age of informational abundance, process automation, and machine autonomy.

Automation is quickly becoming an integral part of the workforce and educational sector. While presenting large risks, the implementation of technology in these industries also poses an amazing opportunity. With this award, we are recognising the inspiring solutions this company is developing to help leverage the positive potential of this collaboration.

Retraining the workforce for future jobs presents an enormous challenge for companies and society as a whole. This award recognises outstanding solutions by a startup or SME.

Global orgnaisations with thousands of employees have made groundbreaking advances in reskilling. We recognise them with this award.

Outstanding work is being done to help the under and unemployed and making sure that technology leaves no one behind. This award recognises the best initiative by a charity or not-for-profit.

Now that AI is playing an increasingly vital role in every sector of industry, technical expertise is in high demand. Especially for the younger population, these skills become crucial. This award highlights the best technical tutorial or course in AI that targets this rapidly expanding need.

Beyond technical expertise, the future importance of AI will require knowledge of regulation, ethics and an awareness of its social implications. This award highlights the best non-technical tutorial or course in AI that targets this ever expanding need.

Technology has the potential to facilitate many of our daily tasks. Productivity tools, such as the one recognised by this award can transform the effectiveness of single individuals or even whole companies, allowing them to grow and progress via technological assistance.

The ethical impact of AI is one of the great topics of our time. As technology grows more pervasive and influential in our lives, now is the moment to examine the values and rules surrounding it and the companies that are doing this well.

Recognizing the ethical risks of AI and taking action to preserve our human values in an evergrowing technological setting is one of the most important challenges facing society. With this award, we recognize the work of a company that continues to lead this effort and inspires constructive dialogue on how to approach our future place in an artificially intelligent world.

As societies strive to move further towards gender equality, we want to highlight one company that embraces female empowerment in all domains of life, acting as an example to the rest of the tech industry and bathing the way towards full equality. The real-life applicability of AI requires the inclusion of the female perspective, which has gone unheard for far too long. With this award, we hope to inspire other thought and tech leaders of today to champion gender equality.

To develop technology that truly works for everyone, we must confront the continuing racial bias in our human societies. With racist political rhetoric flaming up once again, this award wishes to recognize those companies that embrace and champion racial equality, setting an example for the rest of the tech industry.

In working towards a more inclusive society, rapid advances in AI must address the need for accessibility. Designing tech that empowers disabled people and opens new opportunities for life in a complex digital world is essential to the vision of inclusivity. This award honours a company that works to make accessibility not the exception but the standard for future AI products.

As the ubiquitousness and capabilities of technology is rapidly increasing, so is the risk of abusive and fraudulent activity when this technology is misused. With this award, we want to highlight the efforts of a company that champions online safety and helps set a security standard across the industry.

With great power comes great responsibility. This award wishes to highlight a company that champions human rights by directing its AI services towards the protection of these fundamental liberties. Having access to great technological expertise it is our responsibility to protect those whose voices are being silenced.

Policy-making has the power to implement innovation and make it an everyday reality. To truly harness the potential of new tech solutions, we need leaders who are willing and able to champion these ideas in the political sector. This award recognises the efforts of such a person and celebrates the mindful implementation of technology through their tireless campaigning.

Tech for good is taking on a whole new definition in our current climate. Increasingly, emerging technologies are being harnessed to empower social movements. With this award, we want to honour the activism of a tech company that uses its innovation to foster positive change in the world.

With technological innovation impacting every facet of our daily lives, algorithmic transparency is essential. The industry needs to recognise and reward companies that champion this trait in their work. This award aims to do just this, and hereby inspire others to uphold transparency.

The ubiquitousness of information available to the tech users of today simultaneously exposes them to hazardous disinformation. The term ‘fake news’ has become a star of the daily news cycle, as the concept has reached a worrying state of normality. We wish to highlight a company that takes a proactive role in fighting this disinformation as a leading voice in this industry.

This cateogory recognises how compute fabric is changing, from chips to hardware via software and tooling and the companies that are executing the most promising applications of these tools.

The companies celebrated here are exploring the cutting edge of tools & tech. From chips and hardware to software and tooling, innovation in this sector is rich and exciting. We have created this award to highlighte the extraordinary achievement by one specific company in driving this field forward and advancing our technological capabilities.

Drones allow us to explore frontiers that may otherwise remain beyond our reach. In a time of unprecedented growth in this sector of the tech industry, this award recognizes the best new drone innovation.

The intercommunication of our devices enables improved insight extraction and efficiency. With this award, we highlight the best new innovation in the IoT sector, a product that will transform the way we interact with technology on a large scale.

Either integrated in our smartphones or situated in the privacy of our homes, we are becoming increasingly dependent on voice technology. This award is designed to recognise the best new innovation in this sector, giving us a glimpse into how it might shape our future.

Virtual reality is rapidly transforming the way we consume online content and interact with this new environment. Our award highlights the best new VR/AR innovation and draws attention to the vast potential of this field.

Is technology enhancing, disrupting or obsoleting the creative industries? When creativity meets tech with transformative results. This category explores how revolutionising products, services, and experiences are being reimagined via immersive and breakthrough technology in music, architecture, film, fashion and more and the companies at the forefront of this.

Advertisement has gone through a digital transformation, and companies have had to adapt to the new landscape their consumers now occupy: the online domain. This award celebrates one company’s exceptional leadership in AdTech.

Targeting any audience in today’s society requires the harnessing of technology in new and innovative ways. With this award, we are highlighting the leadership exhibited by one company that continues to redefine the future of MarTech.

Social media has a ubiquitous presence in our society, and therefore has significant influence over the majority of its users. This award honours an individual who has exhibited responsible and inspirational leadership on these platforms, using them to enact positive change in the world.

The cross-section between art and tech is an exciting intersection full of new types of creativity. Our award aims to recognize the outstanding work of bringing these two domains together through an innovative joining of tech and the visual arts.

Films and documentaries have the power to transport us to new worlds such as the unchartered territories of technological innovation. With this award, we wish to celebrate the best achievement in this genre.

Arts and technology seem to serve two very different purposes in our society, but what binds them together is the fundamental creativity of these fields. Through our award, we recognise a champion of this collaboration and a leader in the domain of CreaTech.

Journalists are needed today more than ever. Especially with the rise of fake news and the role of technology in each of our lives, we honour a tech journalist for their outstanding contributions to this industry.

This award highlights the work of a tech publication in preserving journalistic integrity and furthering public engagement with the industry.

How do startups scale? This category will highlight the fastest growing unicorns and high-growth scale-ups.

This award recognises and celebrates exceptional business and financial leadership.

This award celebrates the best new ideas and practices transforming the insurance industry.

This award celebrates the best new ideas and practices transforming the banking industry.

This award recognises startups or SMEs that are integrating AI successfully.

This award recognises enterprises that are integrating AI in a seamless and exemplary way.

The world of cybersecurity is constantly changing. New threats emerge with every technological innovation posing huge challenges for organisations trying to keep up. This award recognises companies that are making strides within the cybersecurity field and successfully naviagting this complex area.

The expectations and requirements of customers are constantly changing. This award recognises a company that is innovating the experiences of customers successfully.

This award recognises a company using chatbots to enhance customer experience

The world of retail has been disrupted by technology with new opportunities opening up online and on the high street. This award recognises a company that is innovating in the retail industry.

This category celebrates the top research being published across domains and verticals.

The role of research in pushing the frontiers of our understanding cannot be understated. This award recognises and celebrates exceptional research leadership by an individual or an institution.

Dissertations at the doctoral level represent some of the brightest and best ideas in the field of AI. They represent the frontier of the field, and are testaments to years of hard work and dedicated focus. This award represents the best of the best of PhD dissertations, taking into account quality, ingenuity, rigour and impact.

This award is given to the researcher or research team who have been determined by our panel to be a stand out in the field of AI research. It represents the best of the best for peer-reviewed articles, taking into account quality, ingenuity, rigour and impact.

The movement to open up data is critical for encouraging collaborative and accessible research. This award celebrates the best use of open data in a research capacity, in any discipline.

Whether you find it elusive, enticing, or unsettling, the race towards AGI is on. This award recognises research pushing the boundaries of generalisable AI, whether from a technical or ethical perspective.

Computer vision is quickly embedding itself in our devices, apps and vehicles. This award recognises the research behind these practical applications. This award is open to researchers involved in any component of computer vision research, including acquision, processing or analysing images.

As quantum supremecy continues to draw curiosity and skepticism across sectors and disciplines, the award for research in quantum computing recognises cutting edge studies in the field, including practical and theoretical reseach.

Research in NLP spans disciples and sectors – from chatbots to content moderation to voice computing. This award is given to the researcher or research team that has produced an impactful contribution to the field of NLP.

The ethical impacts of bias in automated decision making are well-documented. This award recognises the mission-driven work taken on by a researcher or research team to develop tools or guidelines to mitigiate bias in automation, with particular focus given to mitigation in ML and systems that can be readily used on existing applications.

No opportunity is greater than the one our planet presents: our planet is a complex system, and its health is integral to ours. With every passing year it edges closer to collapse and as we set out into space, are we at risk of degrading other planets too? This category celebrates companies that are using AI and other emerging technologies in the fight to against climate change and environmental degradation.

Never before has the need for sustainable innovation been greater. We are faced with a situation that is threatening not merely our health, prosperity and ecological diversity, but our very survival as a species. What we need now is responsible and immediate leadership that will help galvanize the power of modern-day technology to solve this existential problem.

To keep global warming below 1.5 degrees by 2100, we need revolutionary technology to drive a clean energy transformation. Making the switch from fossil fuels to renewables requires innovation beyond anything we’ve seen so far. The company honoured by this award is leading the way in this immense undertaking.

Mobility is one of the most rapidly advancing industries of our time. As automation is empowering our vehicles, we wish to celebrate one company’s exceptional use of tech in andvancing this sector and enabling us to reach entirely new levels of mobile flexibility.

With society is being changed by technology, so are our cities. To ensure sustainable life in the city, new infrastructure must account for the urgent demands of our planet. This award recognises a company’s effort to transform the urban landscape through tech.

Habitat and diversity loss through devastating human activity like deforestation, mass farming and pollution are altering life on land for all species that inhabit it. The company honored by this award is fighting to preserve the ecological conditions necessary for this world to sustain our lives.

Aquatic ecosystems are facing unprecedented vulnerability. Climate change and planetary warming are threatening the plants and animals that inhabit our oceans, directly damaging our own life on earth. Through this dedicated award we are celebrating the work a company has done to help preserve this crucial ecosystem.

Architects create our cities while technology is transforming them. Ideally they work in collaborative harmony. With this award, we honour the best leveraging of this relationship between urban design and the tech tools that enable it to reach unparalleled levels of ingenuity.

Solving the climate crisis presents the single biggest opportunity of the last 200 years, especially in the Digital Age. Galvanizing the potential of technology is urgent to achieving our climate goals. Our Climate Opportunity award celebrates a company working towards doing just this.

Our consumption of food has a tremendous impact on the effect we have on our planet. Technology provides us with the tools to revolutionide our consumption habits in a way that limits the degradation of our environment and supports a sustainable lifestyle. This award highlights one company’s efforts in achieving this fundamental change.