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Nominations for CogX 2020 Awards

From AI to Global Leadership, from Financial Services to Climate Change and from GenZ to Covid-19, CogX Awards celebrates and recognises the most outstanding contributions of the last 12 months. 

This year we are back for our 4th CogX Awards where we will look at the most exciting celebration of innovation and transformational opportunities in the world and recognise the companies and individuals making the biggest impact and delivery. Rated as one of the highlights of the CogX experience in 2019 by attendees, we are beyond confident this year is no exception.

Winners will be announced during the CogX Festival in June.

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Best COVID-19 Innovation

Since the COVID-19 crisis started there has been a hive of activity on the innovation front. Many new ideas and startups are colliding to help protect and predict the ways we can handle these types of crisis. We are working with Miles Kirby  to highlight and provide exposure for companies that are working to provide solutions to the myriad of societal issues that the COVID-19 virus raises.

We will be putting a spotlight on some of the most unique and ingenious collaborations and ideas across technology for health, technology for society and recovery. The top companies will be presenting at CogX on June 8-10th and the winners crowned. This award is split into three areas: 

Awarded in recognition of the organisation that best exemplifies how technology and innovation can help track health and treatment, thereby accelerating scientific progress in response to the COVID-19 outbreak

Awarded in recognition of the organisation that, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, best exemplifies how technology can help drive positive social and environmental outcomes, thereby improving the social effects of the pandemic. This might include ensuring that we stay connected and informed, or providing a platform through which the more fortunate are able to help those in need.

Awarded in recognition of the organisation that, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, best exemplifies how technology can help understand and reduce the effects of the pandemic, thereby accelerate economic, or health-related recovery for those who have been directly and indirectly affected

Recognising Leadership

This award recognises the individual who has driven tremendous positive impact at a global scale through the adoption, creation or regulation of tech. As the central theme of this year’s festival is “How do we get the next 10 years right?” this award goes to the the individual contributing the most to ensuring we are getting the next 10 years right

To the starter company that has the potential to disrupt any billion dollar industry by coming up with groundbreaking technologies and reaching out to customers effectively.

In times like these, we look to experts for guidance. Be it in business, government or medicine, these are the people that lay the foundations of society’s trust in our institutions. With this award, we highlight an individual who has contributed the most to Cognition X’s Knowledge Platform with outstanding knowledge in their subject area and the number of questions answered.

With each passing innovation and transformation, tech continues to broaden the possibilities of our work and social lives. This award, voted on by members of our community, recognises an individual or company that stands out among their peers as the key innovator for 2020.

As a proud member of the tech community, we want to promote solidarity and celebrate our peers for their incredible work this year. Through the People’s Choice award, we recognise one such member of the tech community who has helped develop and revolutionise the way tech affects people’s lives.

To develop technology that truly works for everyone, we must confront the continuing racial bias in our human societies. This award recognises tremendous help towards overcoming biases and making fairer decisions thereby building a more inclusive environment.

Enterprise leaders carry a great responsibility to shape a company’s social values, ethical consciousness and profitability for the sake of both its customers and employees. With this award, we want to recognise the outstanding leadership of CEO’s/CTO’s/CDO’s/CIO’s/ CHRO’s in driving development across various fields of finance, technology, business development, human resources, information technology.

For believing in AI to be the most disruptive phenomena that all industries would experience and investing in it. Thereby producing better products and services, boosting businesses.

This award celebrates the contributions of a key player in the tech field, who has shown sustained commitment to responsible and cutting edge innovation, as well as mentorship and leadership within the community. They have distinguished themselves through their outstanding research calibre and a lifetime of scientific excellence, making magnificent contributions to the world of AI.

In working towards a more inclusive society, rapid advances in AI must address the need for accessibility. Designing tech that empowers disabled people and opens new opportunities for life in a complex digital world is essential to the vision of inclusivity. This award honours a company that works to make accessibility not the exception but the standard for future AI products.

As GenZers grow up with technology integrated into every aspect of their daily life it is key that they take part in the developments and conversations around the implications of breakthrough technology. This award recognises a teenager who is a powerful voice within the tech community and is ensuring that technology is built and deployed with GenZ in mind.

Never before has the need for sustainable innovation been greater. We are faced with a situation that is threatening not merely our health, prosperity and ecological diversity, but our very survival as a species. What we need now is responsible and immediate leadership that will help galvanize the power of modern-day technology to solve this existential problem.

As societies strive to move further towards gender equality, we want to highlight one company or individual that embraces female empowerment in all domains of life, acting as an example to the tech industry and paving the way towards full equality. With this award, we hope to inspire other thought and tech leaders of today to champion gender equality.

Best AI Product

As COVID-19 restrictions drive education to digital solutions more than ever. This award recognises the best product in EdTech the best product in education that fuels collaboration, individualised learning, access to education and provides support outside of the traditional classroom.

Entertainment has the power to transport us to new worlds such as the unchartered territories of technological innovation. With this award, we wish to celebrate the best product in entertainment, ranging across sports, music, art and film.

AI and emerging tech are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and design. This award celebrates the best tech product for the fashion industry, recognising the best product in fashion that helps consumers by using personalisation and recommendation tools.

Recognising the best product in Financial Services including but not limited to the use of marketing databases, transactional and public information records to extract data (Experian); quicker decision making; detecting fraud; informing cardholders about special offers; providing investors with online business trends analysis.

Recognising the best product in government that assists the public in its interaction with government and helps them raise their concerns through virtual assistants; redesign public sector work by reducing cost, enhancing speed and reach, focusing more resources on frontline properties.

When AI is applied to medical care and research, lives are changed. This award goes to a product that is harnessing AI-backed solutions to take on new challenges within the health sector such as improving diagnostics, delivery and personalisation.

Recognising the best product in HR that helps with talent acquisition, engagement with candidates, personal training recommendations and career pathing, unbiased recruitment, and more

Recognising the best product in insurance from behavioural policy pricing, personalised data provision to pricing platforms like health and travel insurance ; automated buying experience using chatbots ; decrease likelihood of fraud in claim settlement.

The legal system is fast adopting AI products and services into its operating models. This award recognises the best AI-backed product for the legal sector, with particular focus on those deployed to solve a problem that is unique to legal professionals such as natural language processing ; delivering concrete answer sets with links to authoritative court decisions and sources

Targeting any audience in today’s society requires the harnessing of technology in new and innovative ways. With this award, we are highlighting the leadership exhibited by one company that continues to redefine the future of MarTech.

Recognising the best product that will shape tomorrow’s infrastructure from cloud computing to software defined data centre- enhancing flexibility by pooling, aggregating and delivering the infrastructure capabilities like a software code.

Tech has disrupted the world of retail, with opportunities opening up online and on the high street alike. This award recognises a company that is innovating within the retail industry for example through personalising shopping experiences and thereby improving sales and customer relationship by introducing reward and loyalty cards.

As COVID-19 creates a new landscape of digital communication, innovations in connectivity are more important than ever. This award celebrates a product redefining telecom for its customers through customer service, personalisation and predictive maintenance

As our society is changed by technology, so too are our cities. To ensure sustainable life in the city, new systems must respond to the urgent demands of our planet. This award recognises a company’s effort to develop a sustainable transportation intervention using AI.

The world of cybersecurity is constantly changing. New threats emerge with every technological innovation posing huge challenges for organisations trying to keep up. This award recognises companies that are making strides within the security field and successfully navigating this complex area.

Best Innovation & Product

The impacts of algorithmic bias are profound, and there is an urgent need to address this issue. This award recognises an organisation or individual working to mitigate machine bias, through advocacy efforts or research innovation.

Whether you find it elusive, enticing, or unsettling, the race towards AGI is on. This award recognises the best innovation pushing the boundaries of generalisable AI, including facial recognition, mimic human handwriting and computational creativity.

Mobility is one of the most rapidly advancing industries of our time. As automation is empowering our vehicles, we wish to celebrate one company’s exceptional use of tech in advancing this sector and enabling us to reach entirely new levels of mobile flexibility.

Computer vision is quickly embedding itself in our devices, apps and vehicles. This award recognises the best innovation involved in any component of computer vision including acquisition, processing or analysing images. Further examples include face recognition technology for bank card verification and security systems, facial scanning door entry, infrared binoculars scanning machines and empowering blind and partially sighted people lead their lives.

Arts and technology seem to serve two very different purposes in our society, but what binds them together is the fundamental creativity of these fields. Through our award, we recognise a champion of this collaboration and a leader in the domain of creative arts.

As the ubiquitousness and capabilities of technology is rapidly increasing, so is the risk of abusive and fraudulent activity when this technology is misused. With this award, we want to highlight the efforts of a company that champions online safety and helps set a security standard across the industry.

2019 and 2020 have been landmark years for deep learning. This award recognises the organisation or individual which has demonstrated the best innovation in deep learning approaches.

Improved diagnostic tools can help save lives and prevent the spread of diseases that previously might not have been known to us. We wish to recognise the implementation of tech diagnostics by a company that foregrounds the importance of this field and works to harness its life-saving potential.

With technological innovation impacting every facet of our daily lives, algorithmic transparency is essential. The industry needs to recognise and reward companies that champion this trait in their work. This award aims to do just this, and hereby inspire others to uphold transparency.

The human genome still presents one of the biggest mysteries in medicine. To break down this molecular puzzle into pieces we can understand, we leverage the technological opportunities of our time. This award celebrates one such achievement and the potential for groundbreaking new knowledge it creates.

The way we are able to see our world has a tremendous impact on how we can shape it for the better. Cutting edge technology allows us a tremendous variety of perspectives with which to view our planet. Through more accurate data collection and analysis, these tools can help us understand the geography of a landscape better than ever before. This award highlights the best innovation in geospatial applications such as these.

The intercommunication of our devices enables improved insight extraction and efficiency. With this award, we highlight the best new innovation in the IoT sector, a product that will transform the way we interact with technology on a large scale.Content

Innovation in NLP spans disciples and sectors – from chatbots to content moderation to voice computing. This award is given to the innovation that has produced an impactful contribution to the field of NLP.

This award celebrates the best development in open source technology. This could include a revolutionary new release of an existing suite of open source tools, or a completely novel approach to the open source ecosystem.

Finding solutions to our increasingly complex medical problems necessitates the leveraging of technological innovation. With this award, we want to recognise the company developing the best new tech solution emerging from the pharma industry.

As quantum supremacy continues to draw curiosity and skepticism across sectors and disciplines, the award recognises cutting edge innovations in the field.

This award celebrates a breakthrough innovation in robotics, focusing particularly on breakthroughs in manufacturing and hardware.

This award recognises the best creation and use of a computer model to understand a complex social issue, with particular focus on simulations for health and climate applications.

No opportunity is greater than the one our planet presents: our planet is a complex system, and its health is integral to ours. With every passing year it edges closer to collapse and as we set out into space, are we at risk of degrading other planets too? This award celebrates the company that is innovating space through AI and other emerging technologies.

Our consumption of food has a tremendous impact on the planet. Technology provides us with the tools to revolutionise our consumption habits in a way that limits the degradation of our environment and supports a sustainable lifestyle. This award highlights one company’s efforts in achieving this fundamental change.

Virtual reality is rapidly transforming the way we consumer online content and interact with this new environment. Our award highlights the best new VR/AR innovation and draws attention to the vast potential of this field.

This award celebrates the best product from the world of consumer gaming. This could include breakthroughs in visual quality, bot features or intelligent design.

This award recognises a company using the best chatbots to enhance customer experience.

Outstanding Achievements & Research Contributions

This award recognises an enterprise that has shown exemplary commitment to, and successful deployment of, AI integration into their operations.

We strongly believe that tech should and must work for everyone. The applications of AI in breaking the poverty cycle and raising communities in developing nations are vast. This award celebrates the outstanding efforts of one company in using AI tools to tackle this fundamental issue of our time.

Understanding the ethical risks of AI and taking action to preserve our human values in an ever changing technological setting is one of the most important challenges facing society. With this award, we recognise the work of a company or individual that continues to lead this effort and inspires constructive dialogue on how to approach our future in an artificially intelligent world.

Accelerator and incubator programs ensure the tech community is constantly developing new capabilities, and finding new solutions to the most pressing business and social challenges. Here, we spotlight the accelerator or incubator which has demonstrated the best program for its cohorts.

Policy-making has the power to implement innovation and make it an everyday reality. To truly harness the potential of new tech solutions, we need leaders who are willing and able to champion these ideas in the political sector. This award recognises the efforts of such a person and celebrates the mindful implementation of technology through their tireless campaigning.

Dissertations at the doctoral level represent some of the brightest and best ideas in the field of AI. They represent the frontier of the field, and are testaments to years of hard work and dedicated focus. This award represents the best of the best of PhD dissertations, taking into account quality, ingenuity, rigour and impact.

Now that AI is playing an increasingly vital role in every sector of industry, technical expertise is in high demand. Especially for the younger population, these skills become crucial. This award highlights the best tutorial or course in AI that targets this rapidly expanding need.

Journalists are needed today more than ever. Especially with the rise of fake news and the role of technology in each of our lives, we honour an AI/ tech journalist for their outstanding contributions to this industry.

Global Goals

For the organisation who through their core business, financial commitments, employee networks, consumer facing platforms and high-level influence have played a pivotal role in building a more sustainable environment.

For adopting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as their framework to help measure their impact on society. This has led them to make decisive advances leading to sustainable development.

To the individual who through their high-level influence and commitment has contributed towards the success of the Global Goals by raising awareness of it, playing a pivotal role in accelerating its progress.

As the capabilities of technology are increasing, so is its ability to provide emotional support. Harnessing the digital solutions of today to empower the sector of mental health is an initiative we champion, and seek to recognise through this award.

Habitat and diversity loss through devastating human activity like deforestation, mass farming and pollution are altering life on land for all species that inhabit it. The company honoured by this award is fighting to preserve the ecological conditions necessary for this world to sustain our lives.

With great power comes great responsibility. This award wishes to highlight a company that champions human rights by directing its AI services towards the protection of these fundamental liberties. Having access to great technological expertise it is our responsibility to protect those whose voices are being silenced.

Solving the climate crisis presents the single biggest opportunity of the last 200 years, especially in the Digital Age. Galvanizing the potential of technology is urgent to achieving our climate goals. Our Climate Opportunity award celebrates a company working towards doing just this.