CogX Awards 2020

Recognising the most outstanding contributors and innovative solutions to the global challenge of the past 12 months

2020 has been a transformational year for reasons no one expected. At CogX, we began the year with plans for our fourth and biggest event yet – and while our plans and day-to-day lives have been transformed, CogX remains dedicated to showcasing those making a difference and changing the very concept of business as usual.

This year, CogX has developed its proposition, from the world’s largest festival of AI and emerging technologies to a Global Leadership Summit – directly engaging in the world’s greatest challenges. The context of those challenges has changed from six months ago, but the level of innovation it brings out in humanity has not.

To answer the pressing question – and key theme of CogX – ‘How do we get the next 10 years right?’ we need to turn to innovation and the pioneers that will define the decade to come.

As we speed towards the 2020 edition of the event, which – through the application of the very technologies that we exist to celebrate – will be taking place as planned from Monday 8th-Wednesday 10th June; we are once again choosing to recognise the most outstanding contributors and innovative solutions to the global challenge of the past 12 months, with the fourth edition of the CogX Awards.

Rated as one of the highlights of the CogX experience in 2019 by attendees, we are confident this year will be no different.

The CogX Awards are the most exciting celebration of innovation and transformational opportunities in the world – a time to give the companies and individuals making a difference a platform.

Winners in 2019 included globally renowned names like Greta Thunberg and Professor Luciano Floridi, as well as leading industry brands like Spotify, DeepMind, Darktrace, Unilever, OpenAI and many, many more.

This year, award categories are spread across five themes: Recognising Leadership, Best AI Product, Best Innovation & Product, Outstanding Achievements & Research Contributions, and Global Goals – with more than 60 individual categories covering verticals from AI to Global Leadership, Financial Services to Climate Change, and from GenZ to Covid-19 Response.

These themes directly correspond to the key themes that will be explored at CogX, and we are excited to reveal the 2020 winners when we all gather virtually in June.

Winners will be decided by an expert team of judges featuring some of tech and global innovation’s most prominent change leaders, including: Sana Khareghani of the Office for Artificial Intelligence; Amadeus Capital Partners’ Pierre Socha; University of Cambridge’s professor of communications systems Jon Crowcroft; Data Lab chief executive Gillian Docherty; Dr Robert Hercock from the British Telecommunication Security Research Practice; Seedcamp venture partner Stephen Allott; Terry Von Bibra, director at Numenos; Eloy Sasot, Group Chief Data Officer, Sodexo; Michael Berns, Director of AI and Fintech at PwC; Janet Hull, who is Director of Marketing Strategy at IPA, and the founder of Diagonal Works, Andrew Land, amongst many others.

The fourth edition of the CogX awards aims to be our biggest, most inclusive and forward-thinking gathering of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policy makers, artists, academics and activists to date.

And as we bring together the foremost thought-leaders across the different sectors and the globe, we also eagerly anticipate the reveal of the names that will shine through by receiving CogX awards.

If you are, or know of a person or a company, who has significantly excelled in your field over the past year, then the chances are there will be a category for them.