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Leading experts meet to discuss how Artificial Intelligence will transform the future of Transport, Finance, Insurance, Cyber Security, Healthcare, Education, Human Rights and more at the inaugural CogX London 2017

CognitionX, the Market Intelligence Platform which brings clarity to All Things AI, today announced CogX London 2017, an Innovation Exchange focused on the impact that AI will have across all industries, government and society as a whole.

The event which will take place in London from 19th-21st June and will attract over 1,500 attendees to explore how we should navigate the new and complex landscape which is rapidly reshaping the world around us.

This unique gathering will play host to over 100 expert speakers including: MC Srivas, Chief Data Architect at Uber and Alex van Someren, Co-founder of Cyber London (CyLon), and Managing Partner, Early Stage at Amadeus Capital Partners, as well as Calum Chace, AI expert and author of “The Economic Singularity”, and Kenneth Cukier, co-author of NYT Bestseller “Big Data” and Senior Editor for Digital at The Economist.

CogX is being hosted in association with the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute of data science, members of which will be speaking on topics across the event.

CogX will also include the inaugural AI Innovation Awards. These will recognise and celebrate the best use of AI in specific industry sectors and technology domains as well as applications in Social Good, Public Services and Ethics Leadership.

London’s historic venue, The Brewery, will play host to 18 separate sessions focused on understand the scale of AI’s impact on our industries, government and society, as well as the social implications of automation, and human rights issues around privacy, representation and the challenge of unconscious biases when designing systems. The event is the first of its kind to deal with the understanding the wider impact of AI, addressing the potential threats posed, as well as the opportunities it creates.

CogX will cover 18 topics, each will be opened by a keynote speech followed by a panel discussion and then a separate breakout session to raise the open issues share best practice and discuss solutions. This will result in 18 published reports which will capture the critical issues and provide recommendations from the panel and breakout session participants.

CognitionX Founder and CEO, Charlie Muirhead, said, “Artificial Intelligence is changing everything, and the pace of change is unprecedented. CogX is an Innovation Exchange that will host detailed conversations about the critical issues and choices that lie ahead, and celebrate the incredible AI work that is already being done globally across every sector.

“The UK’s contribution to AI has already been substantial, and with the right support from the startups, corporates, investors, government, academia and the public, it could be the single biggest driver of productivity and growth for the UK economy.”


Global Client Services Director EY, James Bennet MBE, said, “All companies need to be disruption-ready, and AI will be the greatest source of disruption our society and economy have ever experienced. CogX will be an opportunity to debate and discuss the exciting opportunities that this technological shift will bring.”


Professor of Communications Systems at Cambridge and Faculty Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute, Jon Crowcroft, said, “We’ve wired the planet’s nervous system – now’s the time to install the brains. I’m looking forward to being part of CogX and the discussions around how we design, build and start to use all the different components in the most safe and ethical way.”


Chief Product Strategy and Innovation Officer, Paysafe Group, B D Goel, said, “We’re seeing unprecedented change in fintech as the digitisation of commerce has created entirely new business models and transformed the expectations and behaviours of both consumers and business. That’s why Paysafe’s focus is on building for the future of payments – a platform to become the preferred destination for businesses and consumers around the world. Now more than ever is a fascinating time for Paysafe to explore new capabilities, new technologies and new thinking at events such as CogX that bring talent, innovation and curiosity together under one roof.”


Satalia Founder and CEO, Daniel Hulme, said, “From my experience in the US and elsewhere, I have seen the international reputation that the UK has built as a pioneer in the analytics and AI space, but we need to be shouting louder about it. CogX is a great opportunity to showcase these strengths at scale. CognitionX is growing an ecosystem that makes advanced AI innovations accessible, and I’m excited to be a part of this event which demonstrates the impact AI focused start-ups can have on industry the and the economy as a whole.”