Executive AI Bootcamp
CogX London 2017

We partnered with The ASI to deliver a hands-on bootcamp for executives looking to learn more about AI


While full artificial intelligence is still far in the future, the latest machine-learning algorithms are making progress on problems that we previously thought were the unique domain of humans—tasks like speech and object recognition. In a hands-on tutorial, Angie Ma explores what’s possible (and not) with machine learning and what that means for businesses. You’ll gain experience with cutting-edge artificial intelligence by building your very own handwriting recognition engine. This will be placed in the wider context of what it means for businesses, so you can understand what is (and is not) currently possible with algorithms, and how these are translated to the real world and business value. If you are an executive, product manager, business leader, or user, Angie will help you lead innovative machine-learning projects more effectively.



ASI Data Science is the EMEA-based leader in data science and artificial intelligence for commercial applications. We focus on empowering clients to use artificial intelligence to solve business problems and building capability through problem solving, transformation, technology, training and recruitment.

We combine our expertise with the practical experience of over 180 commercial engagements to date, across many different applications and industries. More details can be found via our website: www.asidatascience.com

Dr. Angie Ma

Angie is a co-founder and COO of ASI Data Science. She is specialised in managing complex data science projects and in vertical applications including healthcare, Internet of Things (IOT) and operations as well as implementation of large scale deployment. She also delivers ASI and Ashridge Business School’s training for executives and senior staff who lead AI and data science transformation and functions.


Dr. Charlotte Werger

Charlotte works as Education Manager at ASI, managing ASI’s corporate training efforts. She has a background in Econometrics and Quantitative Finance. She worked as a quantitative researcher and portfolio manager for BlackRock and Man AHL, using data science to predict movements in stock markets. As a former ASI Fellow, she worked on predicting staff performance from psychometric test results. She also has experience working on energy smart meter data analysis. She holds a PhD in Economics from the European University Institute and an MPhil from Toulouse School of Economics.