Queen Charlotte

Day 1

Tuesday June 20, 2017
14:30 – 17:00

Impact of AI on Design, Manufacturing & Robotics

Industry Challenge

From 2000-2010, North America lost 5.6 million manufacturing jobs, 85% of which stemmed from machines replacing human workers.

In 2016 the design world saw the tools for algorithm-based design become easily accessible. With design thinking being widely adopted by business people and AI-based design tools available to non-designers, the competitive bar for professional designers is being raised. The design industry challenge is to re-think the role of designer and meet this competitive threat.

Industrial companies have to become automated to survive, and many are building highly integrated engines to capture data from these design teams, supply chains, production lines, and quality control. This digital revolution is likely to accelerate with the market for smart manufacturing tools expected to hit $250 billion by 2018. Is AI spearheading the next manufacturing revolution?

Discussion Points

  • As companies increase productivity, reduce production cost and increase industrial efficiency with intelligent robots, will there be any jobs left for humans in the factory?
  • When a supply chain becomes almost completely automated through both design and manufacturing, who is to blame if a product is faulty?
  • AI has enabled designers and engineers to quickly and easily create millions of variations on a design, making it easier for amateur designers to create acceptable work. How much price pressure will this create for professional design services? How will it reshape the design industry?
  • Engineering has moved rapidly towards AI – in some cases engineers don’t even compete with AI any longer, but when it comes to an AI designing or being creative, we get concerned; why is that?



  • 14:30 – 15:00 Keynote
  • 15:00 – 16:00 Panel
  • 16:00 – 17:00 Breakout Session



  • Panel Chair: Siavash Mahdavi (Chief Executive Officer & Founder of AI Music, Founder of Within sold to Autodesk for $90m)
  • Panelist: Limor Schweitzer (Chief Executive Officer at Robosavvy)
  • Panelist: Daghan Cam (Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of AI Build Limited)
  • Panelist: Peter J. Bentley (Honorary Professor at UCL, Author, Chief Technology Officer at Braintree Ltd.)
  • Panelist: Boris Krumrey (Chief Robotics Officer at UiPath)