Porter Tun

Day 1

Tuesday June 20, 2017
8:30 – 9:00

Welcome – Day 1

The hosts will introduce themselves and the conference and will give you some tips on how to get the best out of CogX and the next 2 days.

We’ll also be taking the audience temperature using Sli.do so be ready to let us know how you feel during this session.


Charlie Muirhead – CEO and Founder of CognitionX – A serial entrepreneur, having founded 8 startups including 3 IPOs & 2 trade sales. In 2000, Orchestream floated on the LSE and NASDAQ with a market cap of £1 billion before being acquired by Oracle.

Tabitha Goldstaub – Co-Founder of CognitionX – A serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of CognitionX, the market intelligence platform for all things AI. She is an advocate for the potential of AI to transform our society for the better and an activist for gender equality in business, tech and AI. Before CognitionX, she was part of the executive team that brought Rightster, the largest online video distribution company outside the US, to IPO in 2011.

David White – David describes himself as an AI pragmatist. This might be because whilst he understands the theory of AI, he can’t seem to do the math. Or maybe, having founded two AI startups, he has concluded that sometimes heuristics do the job just fine!

David started his 20-year journey in technology at one of the world’s largest outsourcing companies, in 2001 he transitioned into financial services joining the Royal Bank of Scotland Financial Markets Division. Having undertaken a number of delivery roles he became head of the Technology Innovation. In 2009, keen to try his hand at startups, he founded Kusiri. Kusiri provided banks with an advanced forensic investigation platform and was acquired by PwC. With startups now in his blood, he founded Import.io, a machine intelligence platform that reads the web to extract clean datasets. As CEO David raised $20M from such industry elite as the MySQL founders and the co-founder of Yahoo Jerry Yang.

David left import.io in 2016, took some time out to renovate his property in Italy, and is now building a new startup which he claims will be the Uber of something!

There was nothing artificial in the intelligence that wrote this bio hence the mistakes