Dr. M. Beatrice Fazi

Research Fellow, Sussex Humanities Lab at University of Sussex

Dr M. Beatrice Fazi is a Research Fellow at the Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex (UK). She is a philosopher whose research focuses on the ontologies and epistemologies engendered by contemporary technoscience, particularly in relation to issues in artificial intelligence and computing, and their impact upon culture and society. Dr Fazi has published extensively on the interfacing of philosophical thought and computational technologies, and on the automation of thinking processes in the twenty-first century. Her book Contingent Computation: Abstraction, Experience, and Indeterminacy in Computational Aesthetics (Rowman & Littlefield International, 2018) investigates the limits and potentialities of formal reasoning in relation to computation, and offers a reconceptualisation of contingency within formal axiomatic systems vis-à-vis technoscientific notions of incompleteness and incomputability.