In partnership with Icebreaker One: Delivering net-zero: How better data sharing can help innovation in UK energy

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The Open Banking movement has shown how a sector can transform at global scale when data access and data infrastructure is reimagined. What if the same principle could be applied to the energy sector?

In partnership with Icebreaker One, join us to discuss Open Energy and to explore how we can share information across the entire energy network to keep the lights on and drive towards net-zero. The approach focuses on a systemic shift in culture and practice, rather than on developing new technologies. But is the sector ready? Can the energy industry adapt rapidly to a different way of working, aligned with the UK’s National Data Strategy? What will be the challenges along the way and can the energy sector become a positive driver of net-zero?

About Icebreaker One

Icebreaker One is trying to work out how to rapidly evolve our financial and energy systems to embed net-zero into all investment in a manner that is demonstrable, provable and uses data to hold organisations to account. Its flagship projects include: Project Cygnus, Open Energy and SERI.

Project Cygnus is looking at how ‘economic recovery’ money can be directed to net-zero. Open Energy is looking at how we can share information across the entire energy grid to keep the lights on and drive towards net-zero. SERI is looking at how insurance can be a lever of change by ensuring that things like net-zero solutions can actually be protected (e.g. some insurers won’t insure EV) and drive change so that net-destructive industries are no longer viable.


Gavin Starks

Founder Icebreaker One Fireside

Sarah Merrick

CEO & Founder Ripple Energy

James Johnston

CEO & Co-Founder Piclo

Dinker Bhardwaj

Head of Data Policy BEIS

Rosie McGlynn

Senior Programme Manager PassivSystems

Steven Steer

Head of Data Ofgem

Steve Field

IT Lead - Distribution System Operation ScottishPower Energy Networks