Build Build Build – What it takes to grow great products


After 2020 is done and dusted, the startup economy we hope will emerge with an entirely new sense of purpose. That is to build products with intentions that have ethical integrity. We bring together innovation practitioners, technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and VCs to discuss the all-important question – what does it take to build a truly great product?

The 14th of October CogXtra is titled, Build, Build, Build – and is a day dedicated to exploring four key areas.

1.Scaling your startup through strong headwinds
2.The raw unvarnished story behind funding.
3.What does a renovation of the boardroom really look like?
4.And finally and most importantly, how do we build a product without prejudice?

Throughout the day you will be hearing from some of the most experienced entrepreneurs in business, including Rob Chesnut, former global head of ethics for Airbnb, co-founder of Quantum Black, Simon Williams, Gary Stewart, founder of The Nest, and Sarah Kunst of Cleo Capital.

We hope you will join us for what will be a truly inspiring day centered around a transparent discussion – looking at the bigger picture of the startup ecosystem.

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Kwame Nyanning

Chief Experience Officer Arrival

Joy Lo Dico

Columnist The Financial Times

Jon Bradford

Partner Dynamo Ventures

Simon Williams

Director WovenLight

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