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As the dust continues to swirl from the US Election, we’re starting to draw insights from it. How could the Open Economy, based on more equitable and inclusive information networks that shift power from the institution to the individual, show a path forward? Curated by the venture fund, Fabric, we’re spending an afternoon examining election infrastructure and processes in the US and elsewhere and examining how robust they really are. Democracy has long been defined as “the power of the people” but, in reality, how potent is this power? How vulnerable is our democracy to manipulation and interference, not least from candidates? From the integrity of our news to the legality of campaigns, join leading experts as they weigh in on what role we actually play in electing the next leader of the free world.

Fabric Ventures is building a venture capital fund and platform to back founders building the Open Economy. Closed information networks built on the Web have proved incredibly powerful in companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. Yet the societal outcomes can be unintended and malign and the economic returns concentrated and inequitable. The third wave of the Web, or the Open Web, will allow individuals to regain control of their identity; gain ownership of their personal data and direct ownership of the information networks upon which our lives increasingly depend. In this way we will be able to build vital new open information networks in healthcare, supply chain and finance and, in time, improve upon the existing ones. This is the Open Economy.

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MC : Richard Muirhead / Managing Partner / Fabric Ventures

Richard is a co-founder and Managing Partner at Fabric Ventures – a VC fund adapting the early, technical, and patient approach of venture capital to investing in Web 3.0 and decentralised data networks. Fabric invested in the likes of Polkadot, Ocean Protocol, Orchid, Blockstack, zeppelin_os, and Keep, among others.
Richard combines a pedigree in open source, developer-oriented tools, and early stage venture investing with blockchain focus since 2013, and has invested in Pantera Venture Fund, Bitstamp, Bitrise, Tray.io, Transferwise, and Citymapper. Richard was previously a 3x software entrepreneur, building/ scaling Automic (CA), Tideway (BMC), and Orchestream (Oracle) – reaching a cumulative market cap of $2.2bn.


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