The Tech We Want: An Ethical Approach to Innovation

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From the A-Levels algorithm to predictive policing, any vestige of doubt that tech needs to be ethical, fair and transparent has been clean swept aside. It only takes an image of students protesting outside of the Ministry of Education to hammer home that the stakes are high for citizens, civil society, governments, and businesses alike.

In this CogXtra, we explore some of the most pressing issues and promising solutions for building the tech we want. We’re shining a spotlight on designing the UK’s digital twin, the importance of data in seeking justice, and we’ll be joined by the Digital Minister blazing a trail in Taiwan.


Exhibitors you should meet

  • Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
    Tony Blair Institute for Global Change The Tony Blair Institute equips leaders to build open, inclusive and prosperous societies in an interconnected world. We seek to achieve change through politics and institutions, and we do this by developing policy and advising governments. The Institute is ...
  • Data Catalyst
    Data Catalyst Data Catalyst delivers Personal Data Mobility as a Service — simply, safely, and securely.   We help makers and innovators and developers and founders connect to sources of Personal Data to power their apps and ideas and breakthroughs ...
  • International Centre for AI, Energy & Climate
    International Centre for AI, Energy & Climate The International Centre for AI, Energy & Climate is a cross-functional body that aims to connect capabilities across technology, policy, and business to facilitate the application of AI to climate challenges.   We are a hub for ...
  • CogX Live Network: Run your own private events
    CogX Live Network: Run your own private events Do you want to organise a Live Virtual Event for your company but you don’t know where to start?  We can help!   Following the creation of our new CogX Live Network, we are now able to run private client events on our platform with ...


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Professor Dame Wendy Hall

Regius Professor of Computer Science University of Southampton

Mark Enzer

Head of the National Digital Twin Programme Centre for Digital Built Britain

Gilbert Owusu

Head of Operational Transformation Technologies BT

Dr Milly Zimeta

Head of Public Policy Open Data Institute

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