The Global Leadership Summit

The idea behind the Global Leadership Summit emerged when we first began planning this year’s event and settled on a core theme for CogX: ‘How can we get the next 10 years right?”

It seemed essential then, but it’s clearly more poignant than ever now. The CogX Global Leadership Summit will bring together thousands of participants to move the conversation forward with concrete actions, to inspire future and current generations of leaders, help reframe the climate emergency as the biggest economic opportunity of the last 200 years, and to minimise the loss of life, suffering and negative impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

It will be the first event to connect global leadership with technical expertise and the public at this scale, who must engage in the discussion if we are to get the next 10 years right.

The Summit will run concurrently with the main CogX agenda bringing together over 4,500 of leaders around a programme of online virtual activities including: the Leaders Lounge for peer networking, Chatham House Rule talks, exclusive side events, executive workshops and our new appointment setting concierge service. To make the most of their time at CogX, our team can optionally upgrade and have our meetings team pre-organise meetings before the event.

Get the next 10 years right

The Leadership topic & Priority Access

The CogX Festival’s Leadership topic will convene global leaders to inspire, debate and discuss.

How do we seize the climate opportunity, embed resilience into our organisations and harness technology for good?

Access to all Festival topics

The Festival will be covering key topics across the Future of Work, Planet, Rights & Responsibilities, Finance and the Economy to Web 3.0

Network at scale

The GLS Concierge and 1-2-1 meetings

The concierge can assist you in booking 1:1 meetings through the app, and navigate personalised paths through the agenda. Participants will have full access to our own Concierge Service to make the most of your time at CogX and our team will be on hand to coordinate pre-booked meetings

The CxO Exchange & Virtual Lounge

Dedicated meeting environment for Global Leadership Summit Pass holders to discover and connect with key strategic partners, customers, peers and prospects for pre-arranged meetings.


Virtual Breakout Q&A and Workshops

The Breakout Q&A sessions are a unique opportunity for yourself, peers, and the public to directly ask questions to the decision-makers and the Leadership topic speakers.
A series of workshops hosted by our partners will hold an intimate audience to create relationships and share learning globally.

Chatham House Topic

Invitation-only Chatham House rule sessions: Here’s where you’ll get behind the scenes insights into the most pressing issues of the day.

Global Leadership Summit Topics:

– How do we get the next 10 years right?
– How is the fashion industry evolving to meet sustainability goals?
– What is on the roadmap of the biggest breakthrough technologies?
– A global perspective on the climate crisis and what is the path to clean energy?
– The dynamics of global trade – where do we go from here?

– What is the future of transportation on earth and in space?
– What is the future of news and its impact on society?
– The moral challenges in adopting technologies from autonomous cars to genetic enhancement – and how do we overcome them?
– What is the future of work and do we need a universal basic income?
– How do you balance being a successful and ethical business?