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Key Features Of Our Platform

Full Stack Solution

A full stack solution to host your own fully virtual or hybrid event inside our platform - tailored to your brand with full support from all of our departments.

Broadcast Quality Mainstage

Our Broadcast Quality Mainstage removes the limitations of Virtual meetings whilst also providing superior graphics, excellent frames and production quality.

Engaging Side Events

Curated in-house or by our content partners - our side events delve deeper into the topic at hand with Q&A s, interactive polls and messaging.


Our networking features (BETA) provide real time and meaningful connections. Networking for all purposes; relationship building, recruitment and lead generation.

Global Leadership Network

Become a Global Leader with our Private Network where you can discuss, share and network with other Thought Leaders throughout the globe.

Intelligent Reccomendations

We deliver intelligent recommendations based on your profile that save you time and money and maximise your productivity.​

All Our Topics

Get an edge and stay ahead by hearing from some of the biggest thinkers in the world across 18 topics throughout the year including:

Global Leadership

The Cutting Edge

Ethics, Health & Wellbeing

Planets and Smart Cities

Next-Gen Infrastructure

Start Up to Scale Up to IPO & Beyond


Fintech and the Future of Financial Services

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Become a Gold Member
in October today!
Become a Gold Member
in October today!

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