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Emerging stronger; How data and AI can be your differentiator

A few short weeks ago, ‘transformation’ was at top of many businesses agenda. yet now, survival is the only topic of focus. A return to normal, when it comes, is likely to be a different normal. As the economy steps out of hibernation, now seems the time for business to turn attention to recovery and growth, gaining every possible insight from data to seize every opportunity.

In this workshop IBM will explore how analysing data with AI can deliver competitive advantage; the practical steps to take to build the information platform needed to rapidly deploy AI; and how the right approach will help lead your organisation to better decision making and the ability to adapt to forthcoming challenges.

Event Details:

Date: Monday 8th June

Timings: 11:00-12:00

Speakers Include:

Alastair MacKenzie

Sales Manager, Data & AI

Chris Williams

Lead AI Architect, IBM Cloud & Cognitive Solutions

Chris Williams is the Lead AI Application Architect for IBM in the UK and Ireland. He works with IBM’s clients across multiple industries to deliver solutions that make use of IBM’s extensive AI based technology portfolio. These include self service through the use of virtual assistants, expert assistance through advance document based query and automation of processes through the use of natural language processing.  Chris was part of the team that launched IBM Watson in Europe in 2014. Chris has extensive experience in Data and AI including Big Data, Data Warehousing and Advanced Analytics and has worked in the IT industry for 30 years. Chris is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a member of IBM’s Academy of Technology.

Lucas Borg

Watson AI specialist at IBM UK

Lucas is an AI enthusiast, on a mission to help organisations embrace Machine Learning and transform processes with Augmented Intelligence technologies. Since joining IBM’s core Watson AI team in 2014, Lucas has held a number of specialist roles and currently focuses on AI Contact Centre applications for the UK. 

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