Private Virtual Events

Covid has opened our eyes: There’s now a new world of work and everyone, from Research Institutes to Businesses, Governments, Activists & Startups,  needs an enhanced way to bring their employees together, exchange ideas, build meaningful connections and move conversations forward. In the most frictionless, enjoyable and cost effective way possible.

CogX Live Private Virtual Events is your full stack online network solution that scales to host 1,000s of private events to keep you connected with your organisation, clients and employees.

Host private virtual events with CogX

Full Stack Turnkey Solution

We provide end-to-end solutions for organisations to create broadcast quality live video. Our experienced production team offer hands-on support and in person support such as speaker preparation and set building. All video is available on-demand after your event.

Broadcast Style Main Stages

Our best in class production team deliver the broadcast style experience for your internal or guest speakers with the option of pre-record sessions. The CogX Live Network supports two-way Slido conversations, real-time translation and integrates into Zoom, Teams and Blue Jeans making it an interactive experience throughout.

Bring Employees Together

The world has changed and it is harder than ever before for organisations to cut through the noise to engage employees and clients. Through our AI-driven recommendation engine based on user interest and intents, we provide an enhanced way to exchange ideas, maximise meetings and build meaningful connections.

Incredible ROI

Virtual events are better for the planet and the bottom line. Engage more of your employees and clients from anywhere in the world by a click of a button. Our enhanced data gives you insights into the content they’re viewing, attendees they’re engaging with and resources they’re downloading.


Hosting Private Virtual Events
with CogX Live

Host private virtual events with CogX


Your Plan

CogX Event Team Support

Our experienced production team will support you throughout the planning process as you define what a successful virtual event looks like for your organisation.

Your Designs

Custom Branding

Our dedicated team of designers work alongside you to create an on-brand experience at every touch point in your virtual event.

Your Sessions

Broadcast Style Experience

Our experienced production and content team will support you with planning your schedule, adopting interactive features and preparing your presenters.


Your Best Impression

High Definition Video Streaming

Our stable and tested high-definition live video platform can be enhanced with interactive elements such as real-time polls and translation without compromising the viewing experience.

Your Scalable Experiences

Interactive Side Events

Start and continue conversations in parallel with your main event sessions by hosting intimate and interactive side events.

Your Conversations

Virtual Networking

Our AI-driven recommendation platform was built with meaningful interaction in mind. From virtual booths to private messaging and 1:1 sessions you choose the ways to interact that works best for you and your organisation.


Your ROI

Measure Event Performance

Our team offers a deep dive into the metrics you defined as mattering the most.  Data is presented in a report format best suited to your organisation.

Your Videos

Video on Demand

Our team capture 20+ hours of footage live, editing it and uploading it after the event for you to use on any other platform.

Your Network

CogX Live Network

Our platform is open to you at no cost and can be extended to your full organisation giving them access to learning and development opportunities through our archive of content and global network of thought leaders across government, industry and research institutes.


In a nutshell

Trusted Team

We ran the largest virtual event in the world hosting 44,000 attendees, 1,211 speakers and 14,000 meeting requests over three days

Full Stack Service

We have a plug and play live event solution that offers broadcast style video streaming, interactive polling through Slido, and integrates into Zoom, Microsoft Teams and BlueJeans.

Real Time Translation

We support live events on a global scale through real time language translation and video on demand so everyone in your organisation can participate.

Demonstrate Results

We help you define the measures of success most relevant to your organisation then provide you with the data and insight to share your results.

Learning and Development

We give you access to a wealth of knowledge through historic and future CogX videos from 100s of content partners and 1000s of thought leaders across 18 topics.

Enhanced Profiles

We offer AI-driven networking recommendations that connect you with change makers across the globe in government, industry and academia.

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