Public Health Workers

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Updated Health Agenda

Anyone who has previously attended CogX will know that our Health programme is one of our strongest tracks. We first introduced a dedicated health stage in 2018 with extraordinary speakers such as Matthew Gould (CEO of NHSX), Mary Lou Jepsen (CEO & Founder, Openwater) and the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, who has spoken at all three previous editions of CogX. 

With this global health emergency, we are more conscious than ever of the need to facilitate conversations that will drive us forward. It is a time to work together to explore what technology and policies will make a difference, and get behind them. 

As such our Health agenda will be updated to have a clear focus on the critical and urgent issues surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic: the lessons learned, challenges ahead, opportunities to reduce suffering and save lives, what solutions are available and what’s coming next.

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