Anja Thieme

Senior HCI Researcher

Microsoft Research Cambridge

About Anja

Anja Thieme is a Senior HCI Researcher in the Healthcare Intelligence group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Her research explores how AI and Machine Learning (ML) can effectively and responsibly be applied in real-world applications to support important health and care needs. A key focus is the design of practically useful, interpretable and actionable ML insights that can augment human agency and decision making.

Previous and on-going projects include: (i) the development of a dynamic, wearable computer-vision system that allows people with vision impairments to develop new, or extend existing social and spatial orientation skills; and (ii) research exploring how AI can become a useful vehicle in supporting the quality of care that is delivered through online psychotherapy programs. The aim is to identify effective data-enabled strategies to personalize digital treatment interventions that can improve the mental health outcomes of people who live with depression and anxiety.