Arysha Vahabzadeh

Chief Medical Officer

Brain Power

About Arysha

Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh is a physician entrepreneur who have received over 20 national and international awards in healthcare, innovation, and business. He is the chief medical officer of Brain Power, a US congressionally-funded neurotechnology company that uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence smartglasses to develop social skills in children and adults with autism. He is also a co-founder of Cynergi Health, a clinical behavioral health service designed to help tackle the drug dependence epidemic in the United States. He is a consultant to many other enterprises, an angel investor, and a keynote speaker in the field of digital therapeutics and mental health. He has been trained in family medicine, psychiatry, and child psychiatry by the Royal College of General Practitioners, Emory University, and Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital respectively. He is also active in lobbying and political advocacy through a range of influential Washington DC based think-tanks, and has been invited to multiple professional and social events at the White House. He is predominately based in Boston and San Francisco.