Catherine Higgitt

Principal Scientist

National Gallery

About Catherine

Catherine Higgitt has a PhD in chemistry (University of York) and joined the Scientific Department in 1999 as an organic analyst, specialising in the study of paint binding media using a combination of spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques. Between 2007 and 2015 she was Head of Science at the British Museum, gaining experience working with a wider variety of materials and handling data acquired using a very broad range of analytical and imaging techniques. In 2015 she returned to the NG as Principal Scientist, helping extend the range of analytical and imaging approaches available for the study of paintings. As the majority of methods she employs, whether on micro-samples or in-situ on paintings generate 3D datacubes she is increasingly concerned with how best to interrogate, interpret and present this data and possibilities to combine datasets to enrich understanding. She has extensive experience in the application and publication of her research for different academic audiences, including both art-historical and scientific, as well as the wider public.