Dr. Matthew Wang



About Dr. Matthew

Dr. Matthew Wang holds a PhD in Computer Science from Vanderbilt University and an MBA degree from George Washington University. Previously he was the president of Cybernaut Investment Group in charge of managing 60-billion Global
M&A funds and 60-billion Technology & Innovation funds. He was also responsible for the investment and management of cloud computing & big data platforms, and their applications in industries including education, health, finance, entertainment and e-commerce etc. In 2020, Dr. Wang joined WeDoctor as CEO of WeDoctor International Group and CTO of WeDoctor Group. He is responsible for promoting WeDoctor worldwide and constructing the its international platform. Dr. Wang has extensive experience in multiple strategic fields including big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc. As former global Vice President of IBM,
he has provided IBM customers with world-leading technical products and enterprise solutions. He has also served as the Senior Director of IBM Global Technology Committee, General Manager of IBM China Development Center, and Member of the American Innovation Leadership Council.
Dr. Wang has also served as Vice Chairman of the Center for China and Globalization (CCG), deputy Director of China National Big Data Expert Committee, and deputy Director of China National Cloud Computing Expert Committee.