Esther Rodriguez-Villegas

Professor (Imperial College London), Founder/co-CEO (Acurable), CSO (TainiTec)

Imperial College London

About Esther

Esther Rodriguez-Villegas is a Full Professor of Low-Power Electronics at Imperial College. Esther was originally internationally known for her engineering techniques to drastically reduce power in integrated circuits. She subsequently focused her research on life-science applications and founded the Wearable Technologies Lab, also at Imperial College London. This lab specialises on both: creating innovative wearable-medical technologies to improve management and diagnosis of chronic diseases; and neural interfaces to facilitate brain research whilst improving animals’ welfare. Esther is also a founder, co-CEO and CSO, of two active life-sciences companies, Acurable and TainiTec. Esther has received many international recognitions and awards, including: two European Research Council grants (2009 and 2016), which recognise the top research leaders in Europe; a global XPRIZE-award (2014) in recognition of a sensing technology that was considered to have the potential to revolutionise healthcare; and a global AAALAC 3Rs award for a miniature neural implant which had already resulted in very significant welfare impact for animals used in research (2018). She was also named the top scientist/engineer in Spain under the age of 36 in 2009.