Gavin Starks



About Gavin

He has co-created over a dozen organisations, building multidisciplinary teams fit for a digital age. He explores the impact of data and the web on business, society and culture to address our shared data infrastructure, policy, science, communications, innovation and skills across sectors.

Gavin co-chaired the development of the Open Banking Standard and was founding CEO of the Open Data Institute. He is currently convening federated partnership programmes to help address the Sustainable Development Goals.

He has worked across fintech, climate change, supply-chain management, modern slavery, the circular economy, digital media, telecoms, machine learning, blockchain and the internet of things (including: as Chairman at blockchain company,; Non-exec at circular-economy IoT company, CupClub; Trustee at environmental charity, Blue Ventures; Chairman at Rinse Media Group; strategic advisor to governments, for-profit and non-profit companies who create global impact).