Hamish Grierson


Thriva Health

About Hamish

Hamish founded proactive health company, Thriva, in 2016 with co-founders, Eliot Brooks and Tom Livesey. A serial entrepreneur and alumni of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, Hamish has a background in Fintech innovation, brand building and international growth. Thriva’s mission is to put better health in anyone’s hands. It does this by offering at-home health services through testing, coaching and supplements. Over 67,000 people have now taken Thriva tests, and unlike other testing companies, its tests and services are evidence-based.

This, along with our detailed dashboards and health plans, make the product unique. From an initial aim of creating a mechanism for people to understand what is going on in their body (at-home blood tests), Thriva has grown over four years and is now developing a proactive healthcare service that is fit for our modern society.