Heba Bevan

CEO and Founder


About Heba

Heba Studied electronics and computer engineering (hon) at the University of Cambridge, receiving a first for her final year project on robotics visualisation. On graduation she worked as a CPU (central processing unit) engineer for microchip design company ARM. After being an integral designer of the ARM Cortex processors, which is found in virtually all mobile phones in the world today, she moved to another role in ARM as a technical sales engineer. Heba went back to The University of Cambridge (Jesus College) to do her PhD in low power wireless sensors network.

Heba is the CEO and founder of UtterBerry Ltd. UtterBerry is a patented intelligent wireless sensor system which works on extremely low power. Fitting in the palm of the hand and weighing less than 15 grams, UtterBerry sensors are the smallest and lightest wireless sensors in the world and are also the first to employ artificial intelligence. Despite their size, they work to sub-millimetre precision, measuring multiple variables; collecting and interpreting data at the source and transmitting information in real time.