James Vincent

CEO & Founder


About James

James, has advised founders of some of the world’s most transformative companies.

He worked closely with Steve Jobs for over a decade and helped to build Apple, as one of the world’s most loved, human-centric brands. Giving him a unique perspective on brands, and in constructing the human narratives for ground-breaking products like iPod, iTunes, iPhone, Apps Store & iPad. In the process he founded and led Media Arts Lab, Apples dedicated agency partner.

After Apple, he went on to advise Brian Chesky at Airbnb, helping to build one of the world’s first community-driven superbrands, as well as leading the internal team to build out the Experiences product within the Trips Platform.

He’s worked with Evan Spiegel for the past 3 years helping to forge the unique Snap narrative, separated from the darkness of the social media category, culminating in the ‘Real Friends’ campaign.

Also with Emily Weiss at Glossier, that helped build the values and foundational thinking for their unique people-led ecosystem, resulting in it’s subsequent growth as a brand and a business.

James leads FNDR, a team of world class creative business advisers that help founders build human-centric, Intentional Narratives for some of the next generation of disruptive and culture-defining companies today.