Jamie Devlin

Managing Director, EMEA


About Jamie

Jamie Devlin is Elutions’ Managing Director of EMEA and a member of Elutions’ Executive Team. He has played an integral role in the development of Elutions’ strategy and Maestro’s unique approach to applying AI across entire value chains, using its autonomous neural network to correlate and learn how thousands of interdependent processes impact client outcomes, identify operational anomalies and implement optimisation directives automatically, in real-time, to maximise clients’ operating margins.

Now, more than ever, the strategic application of AI is critical, addressing systemic challenges exacerbated by COVID-19, delivering immediate cost savings and transforming future operating models, benefits that are sustained in the long-term by responding dynamically and autonomously to any future economic, operational or human crisis.

Jamie’s experience covers multiple industries in which Maestro is delivering a significant monetary an operational impact including: Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Chemical Processing, Utilities and Large Estates.

Jamie was educated in the UK and spent seven years as a business consultant with Accenture and Hedra before taking a role as Executive Director of a technology start-up business and moving to Elutions in 2015.