Kasia Dorsey

Founder & CEO


About Kasia

Kasia, founder & CEO of Yosh.AI- deep tech company using AI for automating communication through custom-made voice and text Assistant for enterprises. Conversational commerce and customer service solution supports website, social channels, phone line communication in any language delivering enjoyable conversational commerce as well as automation in customer support. Yosh.AI was named by Forbes as company that changes the future of retail.
Kasia, recently nominated as Forbes “100 European Female Founders”, after years in The Coca-Cola Co., connects top AI scientist with business, to transform retail into conversational commerce. Supported by Google, Blackbox.vc acceleration program from Silicone Valley by Google for Entrepreneurs, she is also their Global Ambassador. Kasia is a startup mentor in Google Launchpad and TechCamp US Government. Her passion is empowering female founders to act globally, supporting organisations like Vital Voices, and What If Foundation.