Mental Health Futurist, Neuro-technologist, Co-founder Falkora & Tell Your Story

About Khaliya

A Columbia University-trained public health specialist, Khaliya is a leading advocate for mental health, a neuro-technologist, and a public health specialist. She’s also a former Peace Corps volunteer, and winner of both the 2016 Middelthon-Candler Peace Prize and the 2017 Clare Booth Luce Award for International Service. Khaliya is currently working on a book about the future of mental health and from 2016-2018 was the youngest expert on the World Economic Forum’s Futures Council on the Future of Health and Healthcare. Her opinion pieces have been published in the New York Times (International and Domestic Editions) as well as WiredUK. A frequent public speaker, she has spoken at the White House’s United States of Women Summit, the World Economic Forum’s Family Business Summit, the Vatican, Clinton Global Initiative, WiredHealth, WebSummit and at the United Nations General Assembly, among others and is the Curator-in-Residence for Brain Health at the Near Future Summit