Kristina Edström

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Uppsala University

About Kristina

Kristina Edström, is professor of inorganic chemistry at Uppsala University Sweden and coordinator of the large-scale European research initiative BATTERY 2030+. She studies Li-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries, solid-state batteries. and other new sustainable battery chemistries. Kristina Edström’s particular interest is to study interfaces between materials and components and she has developed in situ/operando techniques. Kristina Edström leads the Ångström Advanced Battery Centre. She has more than 270 scientific papers with an H-index of 62. She is elected member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences, honorary doctor at NTNU, Norway, she received the KTH grand prize, and she is a Wallenberg Scholar. She is scientific coordinator of Batteries Sweden and in the board of Faraday Initiative UK.