Leila Martine

Product Marketing Director, Mixed Reality


About Leila

Leila Martine is Product Marketing Director, Mixed Reality at Microsoft UK. She joined the mixed reality team in 2014 to help launch and establish mixed reality as the “third wave of computing”. She’s responsible for HoloLens, Azure Mixed Reality Services and in fostering a vibrant ecosystem of first and third party app adoption.

Within this role, Leila has been working with many of Europe’s leading businesses and partners across industries such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare and education. Within these sectors she’s been supporting the innovation phases of customers through exploration, building an ROI evidence-base for use cases through pilots, and in supporting full deployments that are enabling digital transformation.

Most recently during the Covid-19 pandemic, Leila has worked closely on two foundational use cases that are instrumental in establishing that mixed reality is ready for adoption today, and should no longer be considered a “future” technology. With the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium, HoloLens has been used in the training workstreams to support the ambitious aim of manufacturing ten years of ventilators in ten weeks. With Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust, HoloLens is being used for virtual ward rounds to protect NHS staff by reducing exposure to Covid-19, while also increasing efficiencies.

Prior to this, Leila has led several consumer and commercial business units within Europe, including Server & Tools and Windows.