Lucy Wilkinson


About Lucy

I am currently studying Education with Psychology and Counselling at Sheffield Hallam University. I have just completed and passed my second year. I am one half of the band BICKER. My twin sister (the other half) and I, when playing in Sheffield, were scouted by and signed by a small company called Gambit. We have since had recording sessions and many gigs. An EP and a couple of singles are scheduled for this Summer. I love gigging, we have been doing so since we were ten years old and we are now twenty. I also work part-time in a Samuel Smith’s brewery during term time. I am currently exploring different avenues that may lead me to a clear decision of what career path I’d like to go down in the future, after my degree. I am looking at volunteering opportunities over Summer in sectors that involve supporting vulnerable people. At the moment, I am very interested in Forensic Psychology. I am aiming to get a placement in a prison in my final year. I am very interested in figuring out what makes people ‘tick’. I am always open to many different opportunities as I believe that everything should be tried and tested at least once.