Micha Benoliel



About Micha

Micha is the CEO and Co-Founder of Nodle.io, a privacy-first, decentralized wireless network forconnecting IoT devices to the internet, and Coalition Network, a non-profit foundation thatprovides an open source, secure contact tracing solutions for governments, universities andorganizations to integrate into their health system to protect global citizens during the currentCOVID-19 crisis and future pandemics. The Coalition App, the Whisper Tracing Protocol, andthe Nodle M1, a smart wearable contact tracing device to promote worker safety, weredeveloped by Micha, the Nodle team, and few independents. Previously, Micha enabled Skypeto launch Skype In And Skype Out and built several ventures and products in the space oftelecommunications, networking and the Internet: Open Garden; FireChat App, which was(10M+ downloads) a peer-to-peer Bluetooth-based messaging technology used to stayconnected and communicate in areas without internet access, including during the 2014 HongKong Umbrella Revolution; Replika.ai and PiperChain (Sold to RightMesh).‍