Mikael Down

Executive Director, Assessment and Insights

Banking Standards Board

About Mikael

Mikael Down is Executive Director for Assessment and Insights at the Banking Standards Board, where he leads the BSB’s assessment, policy, behavioural economics and data science teams, and is a member of the Board. Mikael started his career as an economist at the UK Treasury, and spent four years as a diplomat in Brussels. On return to London, he led many of the post-crisis banking reforms, before being appointed Deputy Director for financial sanctions and counter-illicit finance. In 2013, Mikael joined the Financial Conduct Authority, and was responsible for a major programme of governance reforms in banking, before joining the BSB. Mikael has an MA in Economics from the University of Cambridge, and is researching a PhD in Ethics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Leeds. He is an Honorary Lecturer at Queen Mary University London, a Fellow of the Forward Institute, and a Trustee of the Finance Innovation Lab.