Mikkel Hippe Brun

Co-founder & SVP of APAC


About Mikkel

Mikkel Hippe Brun is Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Greater China at Tradeshift, the largest business commerce company in the world that provides a global commerce platform connecting buyers and sellers.

An entrepreneur, Mikkel is attracted to big projects with high impact on how business can be conducted in a smarter way and aims to build a world-class company, offering an unparalleled business platform, for collaboration and business interaction.

Earlier in his career, Mikkel was Technical Director at the PEPPOL project, a €30 million initiative sponsored by the European Commission and aimed at establishing a pan European e-business infrastructure. This initiative has proven very successful and now supports the exchange of electronic invoices and other electronic business documents across multiple EU member states.

As Chief Consultant at the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency, Mikkel was instrumental in the establishment of a Danish national electronic invoicing infrastructure.