Nadinè Galle

Fulbright Scholar & PhD Researcher

MIT Senseable City Lab

About Nadinè

Nadinè Galle coined the term the “Internet of Nature” (IoN) to bridge ecology and technology in an era where sustainable urban development is failing. Since 2018, Green City Watch, which Nadinè co-founded and manages as its CEO, supports 30+ (mega)cities, from Jakarta to Amsterdam to Houston, to understand, monitor, and improve their urban forests through geospatial AI and computer vision. Her novel PhD research, jointly at MIT Senseable City Lab and University College Dublin, uses sensors to track the city’s underground network of microbes that connects trees, which holds vast potential to increase urban tree longevity. Nadinè is a published academic author; a TEDx speaker; a forest activist featured in the likes of Newsweek and ELLE; and holds international degrees in ecology, evolutionary biology and earth sciences from the universities of Toronto, Singapore, and Amsterdam.