Nicholas Percoco

Chief Security Officer


About Nicholas

Nicholas Percoco been an active member of the security industry for over two decades, working as both a security practitioner and advisor. He’s also presented research on targeted malware, iOS and Android vulnerabilities, and IoT security at events such as DEF CON, Black Hat, RSA Conference and SXSW. Research and speaking at events wasn’t his full-time job, he also designed, led and advised in the development of security products and services used by millions of people and businesses while working for Internet Security Systems, VeriSign, Trustwave and Rapid7. He founded SpiderLabs and led global teams of hackers that discovered real-world 0-day vulnerabilities to help secure the most targeted businesses such as Las Vegas casinos, global financial institutions, major retail brands and video game companies to ensure their facilities, products, employees and clients are kept safe and secure.