Nicola Breyer

Chief Commercial Officer


About Nicola

Nicola has been passionate about building and scaling businesses for over 20 years, from the early days of the consumer internet to today. Her career spans roles as Co-Founder, MD, Venture Capitalist, as Corporate Innovation & Transformation Specialist. She worked in Financial Services, FMCG & Media. Most recently, Nicola headed up the Commercial Growth & Innovation Team initiatives for PayPal, based in Berlin. In July this year, she will join an Open Banking FinTech scale-Up as Chief Commercial Officer. In addition, Nicola is working in the social entrepreneurship sphere as an advisor to impact investors/accelerators such as Village Capital & Planet A, as well as being on the board of a few social impact businesses. She is passionate about helping to drive how we measure success of for profit businesses seeking to tackle the more significant issues of our world, such as plastic waste, climate change and gender inequality in comparison to traditional VC metrics.