Osvald Bjelland

Founder and Chairman


About Osvald

As CEO and founder of Xynteo, I believe that the world’s growth model is no longer working.

Over the past few centuries, our existing growth model has catalysed enormous progress and has been a force for good.

But this growth model is no longer fit for our needs – or those of generations to come. In many ways it has become a destructive force, promoting short-term wins over long-term prosperity, desolating natural resources and widening exclusion.

In order to overcome these challenges, we need to learn how to grow in a new way – we must reinvent growth!

And that’s exactly what Xynteo is all about. We empower business leaders to catalyse change and drive a new kind of growth in the organisations and systems that they work within – growth that works with and not against nature; delivers value over the long term; and generates value for the many, not just the few.

Collaboration is essential for this and is at the heart of all we do.