Simon Höher


Hybrid City Lab

About Simon

Simon heads the Hybrid City Lab, the urban & public design unit of Berlin-based innovation firm zero360. Their mission is to help public organizations create equitable places in the digital age – within and well beyond the city. Since 2014 he also co-chairs ThingsCon, one of Europe’s leading initiatives on building a responsible Internet of Things.

In his work, Simon explores systemic concepts of technology and society in a global context, reaching from strategic foresight and innovation, to tech and data ethics, to speculative and Human-Centered Design. He is an alumnus of Seedcamp and of the MIT’s International Development and Innovation Network (IDIN). Over the past years, his work and contributions have been featured in international media like WIRED, Fast.co, Make:Magazine, Deutschland Radio, and others. Simon is currently based in Berlin – and loves weird astro-jazz.