Tom Strange

Founder and CEO

Constellation AI

About Tom

Tom is a serial tech entrepreneur with a proven track record of launching and scaling products and companies.

Constellation AI, was founded to enable humans by augmenting their intelligence and extending their reach and possibilities.

As Founder and CEO, he is on a mission to create products measured by the positive impact they can have on human life.

He completed the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the MIT Sloan School of Management Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy Program. Constellation AI is an opportunity to bring this to life directly in our business and with clients and society.

He has negotiated a 4-0 approval from the U.S. Federal Government to modify an 18-year old regulation and unlock a global market opportunity. He has also advised startups, accelerators and has coached CEOs. He is a member of Founders of the Future, having worked with the Chief Scientist on AI to identify future members, based on key-human-performance-indicators.

At Deloitte, he advised global brands such as Red Bull Racing, Dior, Moet Hennessy and companies in tech, media, telecoms, energy, bio-tech, consumer products and luxury goods. After advising global brands, He shifted to help entrepreneurs get the value from their life’s work, as a Lead Advisor in sub-£100 million EV Mergers, Acquisitions and Private Equity deals.

He is an ICAEW, Associate Chartered Accountant; completed the CFA Institute, Chartered Financial Analyst L1 and I received a First-class degree in Marketing with Accounting.