Tom Wilson

VP Automotive


About Tom

Tom has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, the last 9 years in Advanced Driver Assistance and Autonomous Vehicles. Tom is VP/GM of Automotive at Graphcore responsible for the automotive strategy and business. Tom has been involved in multiple startups, the latest with CogniVue as VP of Marketing and Business Development with a focus on computer vision in automotive safety applications. After CogniVue sold to Freescale in 2015, Tom took on the radar processing products at Freescale and then NXP until joining Graphcore in early 2018. Prior to his time in automotive at CogniVue, Tom was one of the founding members of Tundra Semiconductor (which sold to IDT in 2009), a successful semiconductor startup focused on telecommunications infrastructure. Tom has a BSc and PhD in the biological sciences.