Tristram Riley-Smith

Director of Research in Politics and International Studies

University of Cambridge

About Tristram

Dr Tristram Riley-Smith is a National Security specialist who spent 25 years in the Ministry of Defence. He now divides his time between academia and business.

From his base at the University of Cambridge, Tristram works as Impact Champion for the Partnership for Conflict, Crime & Security Research – a national programme of research into Conflict, Cybersecurity and Transnational Organised Crime.

He has also founded two technology companies operating in the security sector: SeeQuestor has developed innovative Video Analytics to support Law Enforcement investigations; XPCI Technology combines phased-contrast X-Ray imaging with Deep Learning to detect Improvised Explosive Devices concealed in baggage.

Tristram has sat on the Working Group for the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (https://www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk/cyber-security/) since 2013.

He is also the co-author of the PaCCS Policy Briefing Innovation Challenges in Cybersecurity (https://www.paccsresearch.org.uk/policy-briefings/cyber-security/)