Vishal Gulati

Investor, Board Member

Healthtech VC

About Vishal

I am an investor and promoter of data driven healthcare in Europe with an active portfolio of about 20 companies. These companies represent a wide range of technology platforms and applications. From digital therapeutics (e.g. Closed Loop Medicine, Ieso Digitial Health, Clue) to machine learning and AI (Kheiron, AI VIVO, Turbine), omics (Zoe, Repositive, Evonetix) they have one theme in common which is that derive their strategic value and competitive advantage from data. See portfolio page here.

I invest as an angel, a syndicate lead or from the funds where I have a strategic relationship (I am a venture partner at Draper Esprit, and an advisor to Oxford Sciences Innovation); I serve on boards of private and publicly listed companies. I also advise organisations such as Innovate UK, the British Heart Foundation on emerging innovations in data driven health space.

This part of my investment career started around 2013 when I was trying to understand where the future of healthcare may lie and I decided to investigate the application of internet, data and smartphones to improve lives of patients. The transformative potential was obvious and it very quickly went from being a fascination to an obsession and I founded Digitial Health Forum (DHF) in London which, for a period, became the place where misfits from many adjascent deciplines converged and imagined what a digital future of healthcare might look like. Most of the early DHF participants are still important nodes in the healthtech ecosystem today and from whom I continue to learn and with whom I continue to invest and build businesses.

Prior to this, I was a VC at Atlas Venture (traditional biotech) and Radiant Capital (emerging markets), an advisor to the Wellcome Trust. My interest and experience in healthcare comes from having trained as a physician at centres including the Nuffield Department of Medicine (Oxford) and Department of Medicine (St Mary’s Hospital, London) as a Rhodes Scholar (1995 – ).