Important information for Moderators

CogX has a Code of Conduct to which all registrants and contributors have consented. In participating as a moderator you also consent to the Code of Conduct. We ask that moderators open each session (with the exception of main sessions) with a notice about the Code of Conduct: “In registering for and/or participating in CogX you have consented to comply with the Code of Conduct with a 1-strike policy.”

In addition, you can submit concerns to [email protected] at any time. Sometimes others’ behaviour can be difficult to interpret due to the nature of online conferencing, understanding and conveying tone online, cultural differences, and differences in ability. Please be patient with fellow participants.

We ask that in order to best facilitate conference activities and your positive experience with the conference that you follow the following advice, in addition to our Code of Conduct:

  • Stay on topic
    Be clear and concise
    Make sure everyone gets an equal opportunity to speak within a session if there are multiple speakers
    Keep your language and behaviour professional
    Make sure speakers keep to time constraints
    Try to avoid interrupting speakers unless necessary
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