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A three day Festival of events, talks, debates, exhibits, pop-ups, artistic interventions, food, drink and music.

  • 500 Speakers
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The central focus of CogX 2019, our Impact Stage brings the most important leaders in AI together to discuss the defining trends of the future grand themes of artificial intelligence, from building trust in technology through to the search for AGI. And, we issue a rallying call to all backgrounds and disciplines in the quest to make technology a force for good in the world.


Curated by Azeem Azhar, we explore how the compute fabric is changing, from chips to hardware via software and tooling. What are the most promising applications of these tools and where is it all heading?



Bringing insights from the commercial frontiers of AI, the Lab to Live Stage will hear from the scientists, entrepreneurs, and executives who are turning ideas into reality. Filled with business case studies of AI deployment and predictions for industry impacts, this stage will showcase some of the most exciting commercial trends currently seen in business.


The ethical impact of AI is one of the great topics of out time. As technology grows more pervasive and influential in our lives, now is the moment to examine the values and rules surrounding it. From contemporary issues of data, fairness, and power through to the philosophical conundrums raised by advancing machine autonomy, the Ethics Stage will be unmissable for all those interested in responsible technology.


Promising to automate a sweeping array of human activity, AI is poised to transform the workplace. This stage will examine the nature, speed, and dynamics of these changes, the role and purpose of human workers in coming years, and the quiet revolution in the ability of organisations to algorithmically monitor and control employee behaviour. At the same time, it will examine the purpose and shape of education in an age of informational abundance, process automation, and machine autonomy.


No topic is more important: our planet is a complex system, and with every passing year it edges closer to collapse. What approaches can AI and other emerging technologies offer in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation?


Deployment of AI offers the opportunity for dizzying economic gains. This stage looks at the essential conversations surrounding the use of AI in banking, insurance, and services. From investing in AI to sustainable finance to transforming the legal sector.


In art and creativity, humanity has long found itself to be unique within the universe, inspired even by the divine. Through automated music, synthetic pictures, and algorithmically generated scripts, computational approaches now threaten this self-image. On this stage, we ask about wide horizons of art and meaning potentially opened up by AI, as well as explore its applications to media and communications.


Physically autonomous machines, IOT-enabled environments, optimised manufacturing and the ‘smart city’ will have great impact on the fabric of daily and commercial life. Join the conversation for a glimpse at the automated and ‘smart’ world of tomorrow.


Approaches to health are being radically transformed. Cloud-enabled wearable tech has led to the ‘optimised self’ while drug discovery is being revolutionised by technological advances; AI-enabled analysis is outperforming doctors; and genomic advances offer new opportunities for targeted care. What will all this mean at the national and individual level.


Reporting from the frontiers of academic research, this stage brings together the brightest and the best minds of contemporary data science and AI to discuss the outstanding theoretical trends and advances that will define the continued progress of AI.

WEB 3.0

Fabric Ventures explores how Web 3.0 will fundamentally expand the scale and scope of both human and machine interactions. By cryptographically connecting data from individuals, devices and corporations, with efficient machine learning algorithms, Web 3.0 will give rise to fundamentally new business models.

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