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Hear from GenZers themselves as they highlight the topics that matter most to them and witness the ingenuity that’s flourishing amongst the Teens in AI Community. The winners from their recent hackathon will present their projects addressing the Corona Virus Crisis. There will also be sessions for GenZers hosted by experts from across the festival who will share their knowledge and experience for students. How to get a job in tech, mindblowing applications and roles for the non-technical, talks will be complimented by a Q&A hours where the audience can quiz these leaders themselves.

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CogX Festival 2021

3 Days 36 Concurrent Stages 1,200 Global speakers 9,000 Global Leaders 14,000 1:1 meetings 44,000 Registered Attendees 172,000+ Session Streams 531 Hours of Content In 2020, we brought together world ...
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