Health, Wellbeing & Covid-19

A 360 view on health under COVID-19


We are thrilled to announce a taste of the expertise to come. We, like you, are driven by an urgent need to make sense of the shifting sands of our world and carve a path forward, we expect many of the sessions at CogX to be coloured by the COVID-19 crisis and we aim to play our part in helping by connecting, celebrating and supporting each other in June. Check out some of the names you’ll be able to virtually meet.

Led by our brilliant Health committee this topic will bring stories from the front line across the globe:

  • Chair, Dr. Jack Kreindler, Founder & Medical Director, Centre for Human Health & Performance (CHHP)
  • – Tina Woods, CEO & Founder, Collider Health
  • – Dr Jordan Shlain, CEO, Private Medical
  • – Parker Moss, Board Member, Cancer Research Technology, Cancer Research UK
  • – Maxine Mackintosh: Co-Founder, One HealthTech
  • – Dr. Dina Radenkovic, Academic Doctor, Guy’s and St Thomas’​ NHS Foundation Trust

We aim to also look forward past the immediate Covid-19 crisis to how we build resilient health systems and ask, what would a new charter for health entail? We draw early lessons from recent events and explore how data, new pathways for drug discovery and AI are playing key roles in future health. We’ll explore how longevity, epigenetics, wellbeing and performance have changed forever and what it will take for our health to flourish in the coming years.



Junaid Bajwa

Physician, Chief Medical Scientist, Microsoft Research NHS Keynote

Shikta Das

Scientific Team Lead Panel

Mark Davies

SVP Biomedical Informatics BenevolentAI Keynote

Andreas Haimboeck-Tichy

Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences IBM Panel

Sally Mossman

VP Vaccines R&D and Head of Rockville Site in the US GSK Panel

Matthew Hind

Consultant Respiratory Physician Royal Brompton Hospital Fireside

Marc Koska

Founder ApiJect Panel

Gerald Lip

Clinical Director, North East of Scotland Breast Screening NHS Grampian Panel

James Brown

Director of Nutrigenomics Muhdo Panel

Mary Beth Chalk

Business Development Kheiron Medical Panel

Parmy Olson

Technology Reporter Wall Street Journal Keynote

Françoise Baylis

University Research Professor Dalhousie University Keynote

Vishal Gulati

Investor, Board Member Healthtech VC Panel

Detlef Nauck

Head of AI & Data Science Research, Applied Research Division BT Group Panel

Anton Derlyatka

CEO & Co-Founder Sweatcoin Panel

Dan Vahdat

CEO & Founder Huma Panel

Dr Catherine Hood

St Pancras Clinic, London Panel

Natalie Banner

Lead for Understanding Patient Data Wellcome Panel

Stephanie Kuku

Senior Consultant Hardian Health

Jane Metcalfe


Leila Martine

Product Marketing Director, Mixed Reality Microsoft Keynote

James Kinross

Senior Lecturer in Surgery Imperial College London Keynote

Hamish Grierson

Founder Thriva Health Panel

Felicity Enders

Professor of Biostatistics Mayo Clinic Keynote

Markus Stripf

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Spoon Guru Keynote

Shafi Ahmed

Professor of Surgery Medical Realities Keynote

Neil Lawrence

Professor of Machine Learning University of Cambridge Keynote

Dr. Alison Joy

Private GP, Central London Panel

Prof Nicola Palmarini

Director of National Innovation Center for Ageing (NICA) Newcastle University Panel

Charlotte Augst

Chief Executive National Voices Keynote

Nicole Mather

Partner, Life Sciences Lead IBM Panel

Hugh Harvey

Managing Director Hardian Health Panel

Rachel Neaman

Non-Executive Director, Digital Business Advisor, Leadership Mentor Neaman Consulting Panel

Lynne Cox

Biogerontologist, Principal Investigator Lab of Ageing and Cell Senescence University of Oxford Panel

Mark Price Davies

Chief Medical Officer, IBM Europe IBM Panel

Rachel Dunscombe

CEO, NHS Digital Academy NHS Keynote

James O’Shaughnessy

Member of the UK House of Lords Panel

Will Navaie

Engagement Manager Health Research Authority Panel

Melissa Morris

CEO Lantum LTD Panel

Peter Kecskemethy

CEO & Co-Founder Kheiron Medical Panel

Claire Steves

Senior Clinical Lecturer King's College London Panel

Sarah Deeny

Assistant Director, Data Analytics The Health Foundation Keynote

Dina Radenkovic

Research Fellow, Department of Twin Research King's College London Panel

Dr. Divya Chander

Faculty Chair, Neuroscience Singularity University Panel

Greg Whyte OBE

Director of Performance Centre for Health and Human Performance Fireside

Ben Goldacre

Director, EBM DataLab University of Oxford Keynote

Indra Joshi

Director of AI NHSX Panel

Joanne Hackett

General Partner, Healthcare IZY Capital Keynote

Andrew J Scott

Professor of Economics & Co-Author, The New Long Life London Business School Panel

Christopher Bishop

Laboratory Director & Technical Fellow Microsoft Keynote

Esther Rodriguez-Villegas

Professor (Imperial College London), Founder/co-CEO (Acurable), CSO (TainiTec) Imperial College London Panel

Stephen Critchlow

Executive Chairman Evergreen UK Panel

Nir Barzilai

Professor of Medicine & Genetics Director of Institute for Aging Research Panel

Niamh Gavin

Startup Partner, Operator & Investor Panel

Godfrey Nazareth

President & CEO X-Biomedical Keynote

Annemarie Naylor MBE

Director of Policy & Strategy Future Care Capital Panel

Ritu Dhand

Vice President Nature Journals Panel

Reema Patel

Head of Public Engagement Ada Lovelace Institute Panel

Jacob Haddad

CEO AccuRx Panel

Maxine Mackintosh

Co-Founder, Research Associate One HealthTech Panel

Eleonora Harwich

Director of Research Reform Panel

Ali Parsa

CEO & Founder Babylon Health Panel

Tina Woods

CEO & Founder Collider Health Panel

Tom Watson

Chair UK Music Panel

Billy Boyle

CEO Owlstone Medical Keynote

Dr. Jordan Shlain

Managing Partner & Founder Private Medical

Parker Moss

Chief Commercial & Partnership Officer Genomics England Panel

Dr Jack Kreindler

Founder & Medical Director Centre for Health and Human Performance Panel

Chris Wigley

CEO Genomics England Panel

Emil Hewage

CEO & Co-Founder Bios Panel

Julia Hawkins

Partner LocalGlobe Panel

Claire Novorol

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer Ada Health Panel

Tim Spector

Head of Department of Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology King's College London Keynote

Jay Sanguinetti

Research Assistant Professor, Non-Invasive Cognitive Enhancement Lab University of New Mexico Keynote

Smart Concrete

Stage: 10:20 - 11:20


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