Start-up to Scale-Up to IPO and Beyond

Innovation at every stage of business


How do you scale good ideas? This topic will look at the fastest growing startups, unicorns, camels, and high-growth scale-ups as well as corporate innovations and the challenges they experience. Mostly we’ll look at the amazing opportunities for investment they present. We will ask, how do you scale good ideas and hear from companies at every stage of the cycle, and the investors who have partnered with them.

Scheduled Talks


Niklas Zennström

CEO & Founding Partner Atomico

Carina Namih

General Partner Episode 1 Ventures

Brent Hoberman

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder Founders Factory

Priya Guha

Venture Partner Merian Ventures

Cherry Freeman

Co-Founding Partner Hiro Capital

Tim Draper

Founder Draper Associates